NEW RELEASE! Making Change

June 17, 2015

L733It’s something so many teens could relate to. You’re chaloshing for that latest digital camera, or that adorable pair of summer shoes, or a Coach wristlet, or whatever else it is you fancy, and everyone else in your class is getting it…but your parents, of course, have to say no. “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” they tell you.

And now, besides for being minus that new hot item that you so badly wanted, you’re also in the embarrassing position of having to explain to all your friends, whose parents for sure already bought the item for them, that it was too expensive and your parents couldn’t afford to buy it.

Welcome to Ahuvi’s life—except for her, it seems that money—or the lack of it—has become an actual obsession in the family. As she struggles with feelings of anger and resentment toward her parents and the family’s whole financial situation, she unexpectedly stumbles upon a secret that sheds light on everything

Chana Cohen “gets” teens. She understands the way they think, the way they feel, what makes them sad, upset, or embarrassed, and what makes them feel like a million dollars (or like a Coach wristlet). In Making Change, a collection of short, fictional stories, this talented author opens the door into many a teen’s heart, while providing her readers with an enjoyable story at the same time.

If you’re looking for a book your teen or tween will appreciate, Making Change is it.

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NEW RELEASE! Mitzllal – Stranger Among Sisters

June 16, 2015

L732Close your eyes and imagine the following scenario:

For your entire life, you’ve heard of little else but the Holy Land, the homeland of the Jews. You’ve grown up with the dream of settling there as strong and as real to you as the desire of a parched man for water. And then, finally, you were given the opportunity to travel there.

The journey was far from easy. Indeed, it was grueling, both physically and emotionally, and fraught with danger and hardships. Yet you made it there. You made it to Eretz Yisrael, and now–finally–you feel you can rightfully expect to experience the bliss and ecstasy of being a Jew in his rightful land.

And then, like a cruel slap in the face, like an ice-cold bucket of water poured all over your dreams, you are told: You are possibly not a Jew. You may have no right to feel any connection to this land at all.

Sounds awful, doesn’t it? Yet this exact scenario played out in the lives of many Ethiopian immigrants upon their longed-for move to Eretz Yisrael. In Mitzllal, we are given a unique window into the heart-wrenching experience of one such Ethiopian Jewish woman.

This book is unique, unlike any you’ve read before. As far as I know, there aren’t any other English biographical accounts that deal with this difficult topic. You will read about the turmoil and identity crisis in which Mitzllal was thrown–and about her eventual triumph and discovery of true connection. Mitzllal is a book that will touch you to the core, as it gives you a real appreciation for the zechus of being a Jew.

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NEW RELEASE! The Parsha with Rabbi Juravel – Sefer Bamidbar

June 8, 2015

C403If your kids are anything like the thousands of Rabbi Juravel young fans out there, you’ve no doubt been harangued by them for the past couple of years–“When is The Parsha with Rabbi Juravel -Sefer Bamidbar coming out?”

Like all parents of devout Rabbi Juravel fans, you’re slowly amassed your collection of Rabbi Juravel CDs, and then books: A Story with Rabbi Juravel, Journeys with Rabbi Juravel, Sefer Bereishis, Sefer Shemos, Sefer VayikraAll you need now is for the final two Chumashim to be released, and then your Rabbi Juravel-loving kids will be set–well, at least in regard to parsha books.

So, for all those anxiously awaiting this book…drum roll, please… The Parsha with Rabbi Juravel – Sefer Bamidbar now makes its grand debut!

And once you pick up this book, you’ll see immediately that it was well worth the wait. The parshiyos in Sefer Bamidbar come to life with Rabbi Juravel‘s inimitable style of storytelling, and the additional stories, “Did You Know” tidbits, and other “extras” round out each parsha in a most succinct way. Plus, let’s not forget the adorable illustrations peppered throughout the book–your kids are absolutely going to love those!

If you’re looking to give over the parshas hashavuah to your children in a way that will interest, entertain, and excite them–Rabbi Juravel’s parsha books are the way to go. And with the release of The Parsha with Rabbi Juravel – Sefer Bamidbar, you’re one book closer to finishing the complete set!

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May 27, 2015

l725You know how sometimes, when you finish reading a really good book, you’re just chalishing to read more about those characters you just got to know and befriend? But the book is over, so you have no choice but to say goodbye to those new “friends” of yours and get on with the rest of your life…

What would you say, though, if we told you there was another option? If you had the opportunity to meet your “friends” again, in another smashingly well-written book? Wouldn’t that simply be a dream come true for a book-lover like you?

Sometimes dreams do come true…

Doorways is a standalone novel, written by Sara Wiederblank; however, it is also the follow-up of this popular author’s previous book, Pass or Fail. That means that if you were left wondering whether or not that shidduch with Bracha Halpern and Mrs. White’s nephew Yonah worked out or not, and what happened with Avigayil Morrison, Etta Kirsch, and all the others after Pass or Fail ended, now is your chance to find out!!

And Doorways does a lot more than provide readers with a good catch-up on all the happenings in the lives of Pass or Fail‘s characters. It’s a stellar book in its own right, with thought-provoking lessons and the playing out of contemporary struggles that many of us are all-too-familiar with in our real lives.

Yes, dear readers, whether or not you know who Bracha Halpern is yet, Doorways is a novel you will treasure and find yourself reading again and again.

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RECENT RELEASE! A Fragile Thread

April 21, 2015

L723Ever try keeping a big secret for a day? A month? A year? A few decades? It takes a lot of energy to keep up your guard. And it’s plain old hard to pull around all that extra mental weight. As a counselor I’m used to being a keeper of secrets, but it’s much more difficult to keep my own, especially when curious bystanders or doting relatives question why I am doing (or not doing) this, that or the other. Believe me, there are good reasons why I cringe at the scent of freshly-cut grass, avoid buying the last package of anything at the store and rarely send photographs to certain relatives and friends.

The Mendelsons look like a typical, happy family, but beneath the surface, everyone is struggling. Zahava is engaged in a toxic competition with her co-worker and is also suffering from secondary infertility. Teenage Shani is desperate to be unique, Nussy has a secret dream that is calling his entire life direction into question, Chaim has a secret job, and Mr. and Mrs. Mendelson are keeping the most shocking secret of all.

In classic Yael Mermelstein fashion, you are invited on a journey of the heart- to explore and illuminate fragile family relationships. But don’t expect me to spill the beans. Read A Fragile Thread for yourself. Hear the Mendelsons’ secrets, think about your own, and just maybe, consider which things really should have been out in the open in the first place.

Guest Blogger: Sara Miriam Gross

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NEW RELEASE! Modeling Clay

April 1, 2015

L719It’s a complicated world out there. So often, we find ourselves having to make difficult decisions, where there’s a very fine line between what’s right and what’s wrong to do. And sometimes that line is actually pretty thick and clear-cut, but one’s yetzer hara gets in the way, hazing things up for the person, so that everything becomes a muddled mass of confusion anyway… Modeling Clay, our latest novel, touches on all this in a very poignant and powerful way.

Modeling Clay is about the tough choices facing a talented and creative teenager–and the repercussions that follow as a result of the path she opts for. Warning: there’s a whole lot of depth, emotion, and painfully honest soul-searching going on in this book, and the reader should expect the onset of tears while engrossed in this gripping novel. But there’s nothing more satisfying than a character finally coming to the right conclusions about his or her life, and so, dear reader, don’t worry about the book leaving you depressed or anything like that; to the contrary, this is a book that, when read in its entirety, has the capacity to make your heart sing! Yes, it’s that powerful a book!

Beautifully written by Rochel Braverman, an emerging name in the world of star writers, this is the book you’ll want to read whenever you get some downtime this Pesach. (Is “downtime” and “Pesach” an oxymoron? Well, even if it is, for a book like this, you better make sure to carve out some sort of slot of  reading time for yourself! Tell your family it’s for their good–so you’ll be more energized and ready to produce more Pesach-dik brownies for them!)

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NEW RELEASE! Between Teens

March 31, 2015

L718Are you one of those lucky Pesach-makers who actually has a teenage daughter helping you with the work? Okay, okay, so she’s not too keen on the cleaning part–she’d rather do the shopping for you, bake Pesach cakes, help with things like that…but hey, let’s not be picky. Any help is a big help, especially at this time of year, right?

So, this hardworking daughter of yours…she deserves some kind of recognition for what she’s doing, don’t you think? Nothing too pricey–you are making Pesach, after all–but some token of your appreciation for her efforts… (Spoken like a real teen, I know, but listen, I’ve been there, done that, too! Haven’t we all, as teenagers who helped our mothers before Pesach, craved some recognition for that help?)

Well, we’ve got just the thing for her! Between Teens, a book for real teens, about real teens…it’s the perfect gift for any teenage girl. With nearly 40 short stories and experiences of teens, each one inspiring and entertaining, this book has “Winner for Teens” written all over it!

So make your daughter’s day–and Yom Tov. Buy her this great book, and write her a nice note to go with it… Believe me, you’ll be the one reaping the rewards for this when you see how much more she suddenly starts doing for you afterward…

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