NEW RELEASE! Gems from the Nesivos Sholom

August 26, 2014

L685As the days of the summer slowly slink away, and the month of Elul heralds its presence with the first tremor-filled blast of the shofar, an air of introspection seems to fill the air. Jews everywhere are turning inward, attempting to work on their ruchniyus, polish up on their service of Hashem, gain some more merits for themselves before the Day of Judgment.

For those looking for a sefer to provide guidance and inspiration at this spiritually charged time, an excellent and highly acclaimed book has just hit the market: Gems from the Nesivos Sholom. In this magnificent work, Rabbi Binyomin Ginsberg, a talmid of the famed Nesivos Sholom, Reb Sholom Noach Berezovsky zt”l of Slonim, elucidates some of the Rebbe’s essays on the topic of the Yamim Nora’im, in English. That’s right—for the first time ever, English-only speakers can now enjoy the beautiful and rich ma’amarim of the Nesivos Sholom, too!

You’ll be awed at the Nesivos Sholom’s masterful blend of Chassidic thought and scholarly analysis; mystical concepts and illustrative narratives. Inspiration simply seeps out of each and every page in this sefer. With Gems from the Nesivos Sholom at your side during these Yamim Nora’im, you can be sure that, b’ezras Hashem, you’ll go far!

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NEW RELEASE! The Royal Mission

August 25, 2014

C372You know those important lessons that you would love to somehow transmit to your kids, but you have no idea how to do it without the lesson sailing right over their heads? (I’m not referring to the lessons on “Why It’s Important To Clean Your Room” or “Why You Should Not Pull Your Sister’s Ponytail”— those you’ll have to figure out on your own how to teach to your kids…) Take, for example, teaching children the importance of creating a kiddush Hashem in every situation they are in. That’s not something that is always easy for a child to grasp.

Sometimes, a simple mashal is the best way to teach something to a child. And when the story of the mashal is spun by talented author Rachel Stein, and the characters and setting are brought to life by children’s illustrator Racheli David—well, it’s pretty hard for a kid to ignore such a story and its lesson!

That is why we feel The Royal Mission is such a crucial contribution to the world of children’s literature. It takes the all-important lesson of how and why we must constantly bring honor to Hashem’s Name—and really brings the lesson down to a child’s level of understanding. In this story, readers are introduced to Fluffy and Cottontail, two servants of King Arnevet, who are sent by the king to enjoy a wonderful vacation…but with the caveat that they always remember who they represent, even while away from the royal palace.

Children will follow the two lovable bunnies as they encounter different scenarios and make decisions on how to act. As one bunny emerges as the hero and the other as the one who needs to brush up on his behavior, your child will grow in his understanding and appreciation of the mitzvah of kiddush Hashem.

This is a book every child, bunny rabbit-lover or not, will enjoy!

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NEW RELEASE! Menachem and Lieba Learn How to Budget

August 20, 2014

C371It’s comical when it’s someone else’s kid. It’s not when it’s your own.

Your child asks you for yet another quarter to have “one more” chance at winning a stuffed animal from a machine—because, after all, it’s only a quarter…

He doesn’t understand why, even when there’s a sale, you won’t necessarily buy all the latest fads for him…

 The word “saving” doesn’t exist in his lexicon; immediately after receiving his Chanukah gelt or birthday check, the money is spent on nosh or small toys….

The concept of budgeting is unfortunately foreign to so many people, and the reason this is so is because too many adults never received the education of how to budget when they were young. As crucial a life skill as budgeting is, it doesn’t usually come naturally to children, and as parents and educators, it is our responsibility to teach our children how to budget, so that, when they get older, they have the necessary tools to be self-supporting, financially stable adults.

Menachem and Lieba Learn How to Budget is a groundbreaking concept in children’s literature. In this adorable, charmingly illustrated book, children will learn the basic fundamentals of budgeting and how to be responsible with their money. They’ll relate to Menachem and Lieba’s dreams and wishes (doesn’t every child want to buy, buy, buy at the toy store?), and will learn along with them how to make wise choices when it comes to spending money.

Invest in your child’s future. Buy this book for him. Down the line, he’ll thank you.

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RECENT RELEASE! Secret of the Woods

July 10, 2014

C370Ah…nothing like those long, sweltering summer months with all the kids home, when it’s “too shmoiling (kid lingo for boiling hot)” to ride bikes outside, and it’s “too boring” to play board games indoors, and all you want to do is head for the pool—alone—if only you can somehow find a way to occupy the gang so you can swim in peace…

This, my friends, is where good, wholesome summer reading for your tweens comes into play. All you need is a “geshmake” book with an awesome and suspenseful plot, and maybe a few bags of popcorn and a slushy or two thrown in—and your tween is set for the next few afternoons! (If he’s a fast reader, sorry, Mom—you just may have to spend more money and indulge in new books a bit more often for him…)

Still looking for that terrific book that will actually hold your child’s interest for more than five minutes? Search no more—you’ve come to the right site! Secret of the Woods is a thriller of an adventure book, and your tween will just love it!

Set against the backdrop of summer vacation (when else?), Secret of the Woods has all the elements your adventurous preteen wants to see in a spine-tingling mystery novel: a great chevrah of boys with a penchant for detective work, a suspicious tenant who seems to turn up in the oddest of places, and an alarming amount of diamond robberies happening in a frum diamond dealer’s work area…

Want to know what will happen? Your tween sure does! Give him this book—and let his pleasure and fun begin…

Oh, and enjoy your swim! :)

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Summer Warehouse Sale Ending Soon!

June 23, 2014




*At select stores or at Hurry, sale ends July 7th!


NEW RELEASE! More Than Meets the Eye

May 26, 2014

C368Michoel Lederman would be the first to tell you that it’s not easy having a special-needs sibling. Why does everything have to always revolve around Rikki and her cerebral palsy? To have to move with his family away from all his friends, his school, his pet parrot, and all that’s familiar to him, to faraway America, all because of Rikki and her special needs, is not an easy concession for a twelve-year-old to have to make.

Actually, moving to another place because of a situation that’s not in your control is not an easy concession for anyone, of any age, to have to make. One of my friends was forced to move with her husband and family from Eretz Yisrael to America due to family circumstances—and boy did she take it hard! While, as a wife and mother, she couldn’t exactly sit in her house and mope all day, it did take her a good few months to come to terms with the move, and until she did, there was many a day when she had to force herself to smile in spite of the bleakness she was feeling.

So when things don’t exactly go smoothly for Michoel in his new home…well, you can’t really blame him for being grumpy and out-of-sorts, can you?

But then a baffling mystery begins to rear its head, with implications that are very serious indeed… And before he knows it, Michoel finds himself knee-deep among cops and robbers that aren’t part of a game at all, but are quite true-to-life indeed!

For the adventure-loving tween (especially boys!) in your life who can also appreciate a deep message or two—this is a novel that will send chills and thrills down your spine! Join Michoel and his buddies in their fast-paced and frightening detective work…and see where it will lead everyone…

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NEW RELEASE! Behind the Scenes

May 23, 2014

L666You know the talented, popular girl in your class who was friends with everyone, was involved in every high school activity, and was beloved by the school staff, to boot? Not the kind of person who leaves an easy act for anyone to follow.

Well, what happens when Miss Popular has an older brother she’s close to, who’s a catch of a boy, and who just happens to be in shidduchim? It would follow naturally for her to try and seek out for him a girl just like herself, right? A girl she can be friends with, a girl she can be proud to call her sister-in-law.

But that’s not exactly what happens In Behind the Scenes. Simi Ostfeld is outgoing and popular, a real social butterfly; the girl her brother marries is the exact opposite. And while Simi wants to see the good in her new sister-in-law, and even tries to do so, when someone’s personality clashes so strongly with your own, finding the positive attributes in the other person can truly be an arduous task…

But let’s not forget that most streets go two ways. For all the great things Simi has going for her, her family has a background, too—quite an eventful one, at that—and Menuchi, her sister-in-law, has to come to terms with that as well…

There’s lots of heated emotion and tough family dynamics roiling in this new novel. Come and take a peek into the lives of some fascinating characters and their equally intriguing lives…

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