NEW RELEASE! The Scribe’s Brush

November 17, 2015

C416Are your kids (or possibly even you yourself?) among those readers who turn to the comics first when reading a newspaper or magazine? What is it about comics that make them so enticing, so much fun to read? The pictures accompanying each quote? The characters that come to life as they express different sentiments to each other?

Whatever it is, comics are by far one of the most popular kinds of reading material. And now you can have an entire story book written in comics form!

The Scribe’s Brush is a moving and suspenseful story, written all in comics, that takes place during the times of the Spanish Inquisition. Readers will follow David’s journeys and travails as the young orphan struggles with the choices he is faced with in life. The plot is fast-paced and riveting, and though it is primarily geared to teens, adults will no doubt find themselves drawn to it, too.

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NEW RELEASE! Exploring the Wild World of Animals & Birds

November 16, 2015

L765My kids’ latest fascination is with—of all things— vultures.

We’re driving down the street and pass some innocent-looking bird standing on the side of the road. Immediately, the back seat of the car erupts in a heated discussion.

“That’s a vulture! I’m telling you, that’s a vulture!” my son says excitedly.

“No, it’s a crow,” insists my daughter.

“But just look at its beak and those mean eyes—it has to be a vulture!”

A third child pipes up, “I think it’s a turkey.”

Me? I just hide my grin and continue driving along, grateful for the free entertainment and conversation piece that that bird has just provided us with. After all, discussing whether the bird is a vulture or not is a lot better than some of the other squabbles known to have gone on in this car…

As a general rule, most kids are enthralled by the creatures living around them. Cats, dogs, worms, birds (can’t forget those vultures!)—the sight of them alone can easily provide hours of entertainment for a child. And if you expand your child’s horizons a bit more and take him to the zoo—well, what better thing could you have done for him? Elephants, lions, zebras, flamingos, ostriches…most children could spend an entire week just feasting their eyes on these creatures!

With this in mind, Israel Bookshop proudly presents yet another book in Efraim Harari’s wildly popular Exploring series. This one is called Exploring the Wild World of Animals and Birds. Besides for including a brand new slew of animals, none of which were discussed in any of Harari’s other books, an array of fascinating birds is showcased, as well. Take the gorgeous flamingo, or the intelligent parrot, or the majestic eagle, and the owl, and the crane…believe me when I tell you that you and your child will be absolutely glued to this amazing book, with the wealth of information and stunning pictures that it contains.

So, if you’re looking for that perfect Chanukah gift for someone who’s fascinated by Hashem’s creations, whether child or adult (don’t think we didn’t catch you poring over your kid’s Exploring the Wild World of Animals book after he’d gone to sleep…), you’ll definitely want to consider Exploring the Wild World of Animals and Birds!

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New Release! Small Giants

November 13, 2015

C411Attention all loving Parents and Bubbies and Zeidies out there! Are you on the lookout for a Chanukah gift for your child or einekel that will be both enjoyable and inspirational; something that will keep him/her happily entertained but that will impart important lessons, as well?

We have something that fits that bill to the T: Small Giants, a beautiful book containing 10 tales of tzaddikim in their youth.

We all know how many amazing stories there are about gedolim once they already achieved rosh yeshivah/rebbe/leader-of-Klal Yisrael status. But what about when those gedolim were young? Stories about a tzaddik, when he was a child and the world did not yet know him as a tzaddik, are sure to make the deepest impression upon our little ones, as these are the stories they could relate to best. Stories like the one about the young Rav Shach, who, though abandoned and all alone in an unfamiliar and war-torn city, found comfort and happiness in the beis medrash, learning from his precious Gemara even as shells fell all around him. Or like the one about the young Rav Moshe Feinstein, whose father was makpid that his son not receive kavod for his learning achievements, in order ensure that his middos not be tainted.

These are the kind of stories that fill Small Giants—and that will fill your children with inspiration. Each anecdote is accompanied by gorgeous, full-color illustrations which help further bring the story to life. Also, each story includes a mini biographical sketch about the gadol in that story, so kids could get an even clearer picture of the great person that they’re reading about.

This is the kind of book you have to see in order to fully appreciate. Come check it out for yourself, either on our website or at your local Judaica store—you’ll see immediately why this book is such a rare and exquisite gem!

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Recent Releases! Story Solutions Vol. 4-7

November 12, 2015

C408 C409 C410 C407Validation. It’s the big buzz word floating around these days, especially in parenting classes. Children, we’re told, need to have their feelings validated. There is no such thing as a silly or inconsequential feeling, no “right” or “wrong” way to feel, and children need to be reassured of this; they need to know that we understand and respect their feelings, regardless of what we choose to actually do about them.

That’s not to say it’s easy to do this. When your child throws a tantrum because the Lego city he was working on was taken apart and put away when he left the room, chances are you’re not in the mood of validating his feelings, at least not right then. If you’re human, like me, you may even feel like telling him, “Stop making such a big deal over nothing!”

But—who said being a good parent is easy? So, you take a deep breath, mutter, “Validation. Validation,” to yourself, and then go and give your son a giant hug, telling him, “It’s hard when something we work so hard on, gets destroyed, isn’t it?”

Of course, you can always pull Why Things Come to an End off the shelf, too, and read your son a story about another little boy whose beautiful Lego palace got dismantled, and the way his mother dealt with it. After all, why re-invent the wheel and stress about how to deal with the situation, if you can use another mother’s perfectly good words of wisdom instead?

Why Things Come to an End is one of the 4 brand new children’s books in the Story Solution series. This series was written and illustrated by Esti Hess, a talented artist who is also a student of Bibliotherapy (a fancy way of saying a method that uses stories to heal hearts). The common denominator among all the books in this series is the fact that all of them (7 colorful stories in total) touch on basic childhood challenges and validate specific feelings that children often have, offering young readers a deep sense of being understood.

If you already have the first 3 Story Solutions books that were released last year, you’ll be excited to see these 4 new ones:Why Things Come to an End; My Baby Sister; When Mommy Is Tired; and The Day I Got Lost.

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New Release! The Choice is Mine: Sick at Home

November 10, 2015

C412I had a well visit scheduled for my son the other day. Now, there are some well visits that are a breeze—you go to the doctor’s office with your child, wait the requisite half hour (or hour, or more) in the crowded waiting room, get called in by the nurse, get your child measured and weighed, and then wait another half hour for the doctor to come in. When he does, he pokes and probes your little one, asks some questions, uses his stethoscope, otoscope, and some other fancy doctor tools, and then wishes you and your child well and sends you home. Your child is smiling, you’re happy—shalom al Yisrael.

Then there are the other well visits. You know the ones I’m referring to. The ones where Shots—capital S—are involved. Those are another whole ballgame. Assuming your child knows what he’s in for at this visit, the entire waiting time is spent trying to calm and reassure your teary-eyed and frightened (or, alternatively, stubborn and angry) child, telling him it’s only going to hurt for a second, that vaccinations are really  for his good, that maybe he’ll get a treat afterward, etc., etc. The actual Shot-receiving experience is a torture session in and of itself—not just for your child who’s being jabbed with a needle, but for you, too, who has to hold said child down while the nurse tries to do her job. By the time you’re finished with that well visit, suffice it to say that you are not feeling too well yourself!

Well, this well visit I had with my son did involve Shots. And boy, was I dreading the experience.

But…I had underestimated the power of jellybeans.

That was my bribe for my son, you see. And wonder of wonders, as soon as he heard what he’d get in return for being a good sport about his Shots, he magically brightened up and actually cooperated at the doctor’s office!

Wow, I thought to myself. Look at that. Even getting Shots has a bright side for a kid—and how nice that I could use that to my advantage!

A new book by Racheli David, The Choice Is Mine: Sick at Home, teaches kids this all-important lesson for life: There is a bright side in every situation; it’s just up to us to find—and focus on—that bright side! Yes, even something as dreary as being stuck in bed with strep throat comes along with a silver lining. (To find out what that silver lining might be, you’ll have to read the book…)

As they say, attitude is everything. It’s such an important lesson—one that you can’t teach a child early enough. With this phenomenal book, you can impart the message to your little ones in a fun and geshmake way!

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New Release! Tools of the Trade

November 9, 2015

C413“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Throw out the typical question to a group of kids, and watch the answers—and their imagination—fly! Fire fighter…police chief…doctor…and was that “lion tamer” I just heard, too?

Now, what if you could put a Jewish spin on this question, and, while activating your kids’ imagination and getting them to think about the different jobs they could do when they grow up, have them contemplate along a spiritual angle?

Sheitel machershochetsofer…these are some of the answers you might hear. (Sorry, I don’t know of any Jewish job that involves taming a lion just yet, though of course your child could always be the one to invent that job!) Ah—and here’s where you could listen and shep nachas about the Jewish profession chosen by your little tzaddik or tzaddekes…

That’s what Tools of the Trade, by Aviva Werner, is all about—getting kids to think out of the general box and along more of a Jewish angle when focusing on possible future jobs they might want to do. The book is fun and brightly illustrated, and sure to provide lots of entertainment and discussion with your kids, as they explore the various tools they would need for each “Jewish job.”

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New Title: Middos Man Vol. 3: Being Happy for Others

November 8, 2015

C406“Ma, look at the project I made in school!”

“Ma, I need this note signed, now!”

“Ma, Dovid took away my pencil!”

Could you tell that I just walked into the house?

If you’re a mother of young children, you’re probably smiling and nodding your head, thinking how similar things are in your home when you enter the house in the middle of the day, to face your rambunctious crew who has been, ahem, missing you like crazy while you were away. But I have to say, that day it was different. Because that day I was prepared.

I didn’t say a word to the kids. I didn’t even turn my head. All I did was whip out the new book I’d brought home with me:MiddosMan 3. And, as I expected, my kids immediately erupted in cheers. All whining and complaints forgotten, they began clamoring over the book, begging me to read it to them. And I just smiled serenely and headed to the couch, silently thanking MiddosMan for once again coming to the rescue, this time to help out an overwhelmed mother and her bored children…

The MiddosMan series is only a few years old, yet it has become so wildly popular among children, I sometimes wonder what we did before it came out. Because aside for being excellent, adorably illustrated books that teach great lessons to kids, these books also come with their own read-along CD’s, complete with music and songs. This means that you could actually leave your kids with the book, turn on the CD player so they could “read” along with each page, and then go to the kitchen to make supper!

MiddosMan 3 focuses on the middah of being happy for others—not being jealous when your sibling or friend has something that you don’t. And instead of appearing in his Middos Mobile or Middos Copter, as in Books 1 and 2, MiddosMan races to save the children from Mr. Yetzer Horah…in his Middos Boat!

My kids were glued to the book—they absolutely loved it. Buy the book for your own gang—you’ll see exactly what I mean!

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