Gift Guide

December 8, 2009

With Chanukah almost upon us, and many people looking to their local Judaica store for gift purchasing, here’s a quick list of new books as well as a few classics to help you match the appropriate gift to the right recipient. (Remember, you get 20% off by purchasing from our website or from participating retailers!)

Kids Ages 3-6

NEW Two Kings 2

NEW Super Social Skills

The Pekelah Problem

Beckerman Books: My Middos World Series, My Smiling World Series

The Parsha with Rabbi Juravel

Our Beautiful World / The Very First Rainbow

Kids Ages 7-11

NEW Kid Power (Social Skills)

NEW Special Delivery

The Funny Things They Say!

A Journey with Rabbi Juravel Series

Two and a Tevi

Mendel the Mouse

Parsha Pearls


Channah’s New World

Zeesl’s Shining Moment

Exiled Down Under

Ten and a Kid

Adults / Teens

NEW Shadows on the Moon

NEW Legacy of Leaders II

NEW Through Your Hands-The complete story of Chanukah

NEW A Clever Title Goes Here

NEW Sifsei Chachomim Chumash

NEW Shabbos Not a Day of Rest

NEW Shabbos in a New Light

Diamond in the Rough


For Her

NEW Cooking with Color

Understanding Your Child’s Health

NEW Balabusta’s Daily Organizer

NEW Peace in Your Palace

NEW Atara Malach Lectures: Adolescence Series

Adventures in the Produce Aisle

The Dairy Gourmet

The Kosher Palette

The Culinary Connoisseur

For Him

NEW Hilchos Shabbos B’Shabbato

Dirshu Mishna Berurah Vols. 1& 2


Of General Interest

NEW Emergencies in Halachah

A Time to Laugh; A Time to Listen

The Lost Scotch

Heroes of Spirit

My Life on Wheels

The Code of Jewish Conduct

Gift Sets

Metsudah Kitzur Shulchan Aruch

Metsudah Chumash/Rashi

Kav Hayashar Hebrew/English

Metsudah Midrash Tanchuma

Ma’ayanah shel Torah in English


Taryag Encyclopedia

Fundamentals of the Rambam

Beyond the History – A Legacy of Leaders II

December 5, 2009
The rabbi and small group of fellow Jewish travelers had a decision to make. Double-crossed by an Arab driver who had promised to stop traveling before the onset of Shabbat, they had to decide whether to continue their journey after sunset, or remain alone, isolated and exposed in the midst of the searing desert for the duration of Shabbat.
In truth, there really was no choice. For the great luminaries of Israel, Shabbat desecration, which violated strict obedience to the Divine will, is hardly an option. To these sages, the apparent sacrifice of choosing to be marooned in the wilderness is no sacrifice at all. No other option is even entertained.

In his newest work A Legacy of Leaders Volume II, Yehuda Azoulay presents vivid portraits of some of the Sephardic world’s greatest spiritual giants. Their lives, as depicted in this groundbreaking series, are stories of spiritual excellence attained against all odds, of selfless devotion and self-sacrifice to Gd and His people. More importantly, their lives are shining examples of what is expected of us in today’s day and age, despite the formidable spiritual challenges we confront each day of our lives.

”He That Receives Shall Never Forget”

For centuries, wherever we were, whether it was Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Spain, Lebanon or Iraq, we ran the risk of being dissolved into the general society, of losing both our religion and our national identity. As a small minority scattered among a hostile, gentile population, it seemed hardly realistic that our people would retain their faith, practices, values and traditions. It was only a matter of time, it appeared, that the deluge of general society would overtake the small, feeble Jewish communities and destroy their heritage and essence.

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December 1, 2009

Let’s face it: when do we learn to daven? When we’re kids! And how many kids are taught the meaning of the words and to appreciate what Tefillah is all about? Very few!

Enter “Special Delivery”, the first in a brand new series designed to help kids ages 7-11 internalize the beauty of the prayers they are saying anyway each and every morning.

The first volume focuses on Birkas Hashachar, the morning blessings. This is the first part of tefillah that a child learns. By employing stunning one-of-a-kind illustrations and endearing rhymed text, author Rachel Stein succeeds in conveying the all-important messages contained in these brachos.  Click HERE to view some sample pages.  Click here to purchase the book.