May the best man/woman/boy/girl win!

Here’s how it works:

1)      Log on every other week for a new short  story.

2)      Read through the story until you get to the “end”. Note that the story does not quite end….

3)      Tell us what YOU think the end of the story should be! Either tell us your idea in a few short lines or actually write out the entire ending of the story, as you would like it to appear.

4)      Be creative! All sorts of endings – whether humorous, serious, as close as possible to what you think the real ending is, or as far away as possible! – all will be read and considered by our panel of judges. (Please, no off-color or improper responses.)

5)      The best entry will be announced and will win a free book or books from our website, up to a $50 value! Oh, and we’ll show you the real ending of the story, as well….

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