Understanding Your Child’s Health

If you live in Brooklyn, you’ve heard of her for sure. And if you don’t live in Brooklyn, and therefore have lots of free time on your hands, as you never sit in traffic for hours on end, well, the chances that you, too, have heard of her, are pretty high. Who is she? you ask. Why, Dr. Susan Schulman, of course!

Pediatrician par excellence for over 30 years, already on her third generation of patients, bli ayin hara, Dr. Schulman’s name and reputation speak for themselves. She’s practically seen it all; treated it all. And in her book, Understanding Your Child’s Health, Dr. Schulman has compiled essays that she has written on children’s health, so that you, too, wherever you may live, can avail yourself to her sound medical advice.

In Understanding Your Child’s Health, Dr. Schulman speaks about a wide variety of topics relating to children’s health and safety, including child obesity, understanding the role of antibiotics, and preventing illness by fully immunizing children. She is a firm believer that preventing problems is much better than trying to cure them, and as such, campaigns tirelessly for improvements in life habits, so that children will be healthy when they grow up.

Summertime, if you’re a kid, equals hours spent playing outside in the sun, on your bike, in the pool, in the park, and in the mud (don’t ask…!). Understandably, this can present many potential safety hazards—and Dr. Schulman is not one to mince words on this subject.   Below is the first of a series of videos by Dr. Schulman on various health matters.  Enjoy!

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