Understanding Your Child’s Health

August 17, 2010

If you live in Brooklyn, you’ve heard of her for sure. And if you don’t live in Brooklyn, and therefore have lots of free time on your hands, as you never sit in traffic for hours on end, well, the chances that you, too, have heard of her, are pretty high. Who is she? you ask. Why, Dr. Susan Schulman, of course!

Pediatrician par excellence for over 30 years, already on her third generation of patients, bli ayin hara, Dr. Schulman’s name and reputation speak for themselves. She’s practically seen it all; treated it all. And in her book, Understanding Your Child’s Health, Dr. Schulman has compiled essays that she has written on children’s health, so that you, too, wherever you may live, can avail yourself to her sound medical advice.

In Understanding Your Child’s Health, Dr. Schulman speaks about a wide variety of topics relating to children’s health and safety, including child obesity, understanding the role of antibiotics, and preventing illness by fully immunizing children. She is a firm believer that preventing problems is much better than trying to cure them, and as such, campaigns tirelessly for improvements in life habits, so that children will be healthy when they grow up.

Summertime, if you’re a kid, equals hours spent playing outside in the sun, on your bike, in the pool, in the park, and in the mud (don’t ask…!). Understandably, this can present many potential safety hazards—and Dr. Schulman is not one to mince words on this subject.   Below is the first of a series of videos by Dr. Schulman on various health matters.  Enjoy!

Hi, all! We’re back!

August 16, 2010

Yes, you’re right; we haven’t been posting too many new things on our blog lately—but not because we’ve been sleeping on the job! While so many others have been out vacationing, relaxing by the pool, and taking fun family trips, we’ve been working hard to prepare a new season’s worth of books for you. And now that the summer is coming to a close, we’re just about ready to release all our latests and greatests and start the new year off with a bang!

So, you ask, what’s new on our menu? Well, to take that question literally for a moment, we actually have lots of fabulous fresh food ideas and recipes up our sleeves—all from our newest cookbook, The At-Home Gourmet, by Sarah Lasry, author of the bestselling The Dairy Gourmet. Sure to become a winner like The Dairy Gourmet itself, The At-Home Gourmet will tease your taste buds to no end, until you actually go out, buy yourself a copy of it, and try out those recipes on your own, for a spectacular Yom Tov seudah or for any other occasion!

Then, for all you readers who like nothing better than a good medical drama, we have a brand new one in the wings. Struggle to the Summit is the inspirational story of a young wife and mother on the long and arduous road to recovery after an extremely dangerous and delicate neurological surgery.

Of course, Elul being Elul, what better time is there to work on our middos and service of Hashem than now? And Israel Bookshop has the sefarim you’ll need for that, too. If you’re a parent or educator, you’ll love our chinuch sefer, Cornerstone of Chinuch, written by prominent mechanech and long-time Head-teacher (principal) of the largest Chareidi elementary school in England, Rabbi Yonoson Yodaiken. Based on ten distinct, tried-and-true strategies, the book focuses on how to instill good middos in our children. You already read and enjoyed an excerpt from Cornerstone of Chinuch in our summer edition of The Next Page magazine; now you can look forward to having the full pleasure of reading the book in its entirety.

Any avid reader is, more likely than not, familiar with the popular Torah Tavlin series. Now, just in time for Parshas Bereishis, Torah Tavlin Vol. 2 is ready to be released! Sure to add lots of “spice” and enjoyment to your weekly review of the parshah, this latest Torah Tavlin book will be a welcome addition to your bookshelf.

And once on the subject of “Volume 2,” here’s another one of those coming soon: A Time to Laugh, A Time to Listen, Volume 2, by Rabbi Yehoshua Kurland. Readers loved Rabbi Kurland’s way of combining humor with fundamental hashkafah lessons in A Time to Laugh, A Time to Listen Vol. 1, and now you’ll be able to enjoy more of that with his newest book!

Well, that’s for starters, folks! And while you’re busy thinking about all these upcoming releases, be sure to keep your ears attuned for other new books… There’s still more to come…

Divided Attention – Chapter 14

August 13, 2010

Israel Book Shop presents Chapter 14 of a new online serial novel, Divided Attention, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every Thursday or Friday. Click here for previous chapters.

Copyright © 2010 by Israel Bookshop Publications

“You girls also want a history contest?” Ayala asked in surprise, hoping that she had fully understood the reason for the outcry in the class. Silence hung in the room for a minute. “I didn’t really understand what all the commotion was about,” she said quietly as she took out her algebra book, “but if you want, I’m ready to offer you exactly the same type of contest. I’ll gladly mark your reports as well!”

Only a few girls picked up on the note of amusement in her voice. They were too excited at their success. “Great! We’re also going to hang a sign by the water fountain: ‘For ninth graders only!’ And we’re going to write that Morah is going to judge our contest also!”

Just one voice of reason emerged from the cacophony. “But what do we have to do for this contest in the first place?”

“Explanations tomorrow, during the history lesson,” Ayala said, opening her book and smoothing her finger down its middle in an attempt to keep it from snapping closed. “Now we have an algebra lesson to attend to. Devoiry Katzenelenbogen, please read the answer to problem number thirty-six on page one-eighty-seven.”


Two other children lay in the room where Rafi was wheeled. One was recovering from pneumonia, and the other, from complications of an ear infection. They were both supposed to be discharged the next day.

“Perfect,” Rafi said quietly to his cast. “Then I’ll be left here myself, without these moaning, groaning babies.” Keep Reading…

Code of Jewish Conduct – New Cycle Starting Elul!

August 9, 2010

With the arrival of Elul, you can sense the feeling of teshuvah in the air. Everyone, it seems, is looking for another zechus, another kabbalah to take on. Who doesn’t need extra zechusim at this awesome and frightening time of year?

Being that we know how stringent sins between man and his fellow are in the Eyes of Hashem, what could be a better kabbalah to take on ourselves now than to work on mitzvos bein adam l’chaveiro? Of course, you can’t exactly work on a mitzvah if you don’t know the halachos governing that mitzvah. That is where The Code of Jewish Conduct steps in.

The Code of Jewish Conduct is unique in that it is an exhaustive halachic work, providing all the halachos relevant to over fifty mitzvos bein adam l’chaveiro, written in a clear and easy-to-understand format that includes loads of illustrative stories and examples. As the many intricate halachos are divided up neatly among the days of the week, readers are given the opportunity to delve into, digest, and fully comprehend each halachah, before going on to the next one.

The Code of Jewish Conduct is an adapted translation of Sefer Mishpetei Hashalom, which is a bestseller in Eretz Yisrael. Tens of thousands of copies of it have been sold in just two years. The new calendar for the daily learning of The Code of Jewish Conduct starts again on the first of Elul—which, this year, is on Wednesday, August 11. So what are you waiting for? Join the many satisfied readers of this popular sefer and see for yourself all the good it will bring into your life—this Elul, and beyond!

Divided Attention – Chapter 13

August 6, 2010

Israel Book Shop presents Chapter 13 of a new online serial novel, Divided Attention, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every Thursday or Friday. Click here for previous chapters.

Copyright © 2010 by Israel Bookshop Publications

How many horses fit into the stable? The question rammed though his feverish brain over and over again. Actually, it was the title of a story they had read yesterday in class, but Rafi did not remember that at all. How many horses were here, with him now? One for Shira, and another if a nice guest would come. Perhaps Rina.

No. He wouldn’t let Rina into his private stable either. Only he and Shira would live there with the beautiful horses. He wouldn’t let Ronny in either. Ronny tried to act nice, but the minute you didn’t listen to him, he started to threaten.

Dirty wooden walls flecked with cement hung above him, and the gray, unplastered walls surrounding the place seemed to be closing in on him. He tried to roll over, but he couldn’t. Those horses must be standing so close to him, they were even stepping on his hands. He felt their hard strong hoofs; they were really painful.

Where was Shira? Had she ridden away from here on her horse? Perhaps she didn’t like him either. She went to a nice family with a mother and father and food. She left him here by himself, together with the horses. But who cared? Horses could be good friends, too, Mrs. Davidi had told them.

But he didn’t want to think about Mrs. Davidi right now; she hated him, too. So did Ima. And the kids in his class. And the neighbors. And Sarah. And all those families to whom he had gone . All they did was tell him to take a haircut and a shower and to wear clean clothes and come on time. They liked pretty, clean, obedient children; not him.

Only the horses liked him.

So how many horses were in this stable?

Rafi rolled over onto his back and sighed as pain sliced through his left hand. Which horse was stepping on him? Didn’t the horse realize it hurt him? Maybe the horses didn’t like him either. Maybe they only liked Shira, and now that she had gone, they didn’t want him to be here.

Yes, he was sure of it. No one, but absolutely no one, wanted him.

“Here he is!” Keep Reading…