Night Flower – Chapter 2

December 28, 2017

Israel Book Shop presents Chapter 2 of a new online serial novel, Night Flower, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every week.  Click here for previous chapters.

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Chaiky awoke in the middle of the night feeling tense. That wasn’t particularly surprising, because she spent a lot of nights tossing and turning sleeplessly. Still, the feeling that was disturbing her now was almost tangible. Something was choking her throat, her neck, her shoulders, and her head, and she knew that it was the thoughts.

She washed her hands and went to the kitchen, checking on the way that the door to the house was locked, the porch door was locked, and the shades in the dining room were drawn. Everything was in order. The house was so quiet she could hear the children’s even breathing all the way to the kitchen. It wasn’t the dishes piling up in the sinks for three days that was disturbing her sleep. This wasn’t the first or even the fifth time this had happened over the past few weeks. So what was it?

She walked over to the corner of the dining room, to the sofa, her regular perch of late. The bottle of mango juice was still on the table. Maybe she should put it in the fridge? Yes, that would be a good idea.

Still, Chaiky didn’t move. She stared at the bottle and the full cup standing there, as though her two guests had left the house just a moment before. That indiscernible feeling choked her throat once again.
Noa. That was what this feeling was about.  Keep on reading…

RECENT RELEASE! The Story of Sarah Schenirer

December 27, 2017

C467“Mommy, guess what!” cries the little girl as she flings herself off the school bus and into her mother’s waiting arms.

“What?” her mother replies with a grin, taking in her daughter’s flushed cheeks, windblown ponytail, and still-sharply pleated, brand new uniform.

“We have the NICEST Morah, and we’re gonna learn how to read this year, and we’re gonna get a siddur, and…and…we even have HOMEWORK!!” This last word is said with all the self-importance a six-year-old can muster.

Her mother swallows a giggle (wonder how long the excitement for THAT will last?). She takes her daughter’s hand, and together they walk home from the bus stop, visions of a bright and cheery Bais Yaakov school dancing merrily in both of their heads.

Another jewel in the crown of Sarah Schenirer, the founder of Bais Yaakov.

As a parent, wouldn’t you love for your young and impressionable daughters to learn about this extraordinary woman; to understand how the Bais Yaakov schools they are lucky to attend came into being? Yes, your girls may be too young to read those big, thick biographies written about this great tzaddekes—but it would be so nice if there was something for young girls to read, too, about the incredible work of Sarah Schenirer…

Well, now there is!

The Story of Sarah Schenirer, the second book in the Learning from our Leaders series by Rebbetzin Sarah Feldbrand, has been written specifically with beginner readers in mind. In a simple, child-friendly way, this biography for kids tells the story of who Sarah Schenirer was and why and how she began the Bais Yaakov movement. Young readers (especially girls!) will be drawn to the drama that plays out in the pages, as well as the illustrations that appear throughout the book.

Each Jewish girl attending a Bais Yaakov is another link in the exquisite chain which Sarah Schenirer began. Let your daughter understand how valuable that is! Give her the gift of appreciating her legacy.

The Story of Sarah Schenirer is an excellent place for that appreciation to start.

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NEW SERIAL! Night Flower

December 27, 2017

Israel Book Shop presents Chapter 1 of a new online serial novel, Night Flower, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every week.  

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The house had once been nice, but it was now dusty and dirty, and there was no trace of the cleaning lady’s visit on Monday. Chaiky glanced at the front hallway—at least that looked decent. If a neighbor would knock now, she wouldn’t be mortally embarrassed.

She sat on the sofa, observing as Naomi and Dovi played in heavy silence, and mused lazily that it really was time for supper. There were a few shekels in the pocket of her robe.

“Naomi,” she said. “Go to the grocery and buy two rolls and two yogurts that you like, for you and Dovi.”

“Should I buy some for you, too, Ima?”

“No.” The last thing she needed right now was a roll and yogurt. If she wanted, she’d warm herself up some corn schnitzel that she had in the freezer and eat it with a slice of bread. But the children had eaten corn schnitzel for lunch the past two days, and she couldn’t give them bread without anything on it. They’d need at least a spread, some vegetables and maybe an egg. And she really had no energy for that. Rolls were better.

Naomi went to the grocery while Dovi remained playing with the Clics. Chaiky lowered her gaze to her son and watched him picking out all the black pieces. He fashioned a box about the size of two shoe boxes, closing it in on all sides. It was black. Very black.

No, she had no energy to ask him what he was building, because she was sure that she knew. He sat working busily, in silence, and only every so often did he glance at her surreptitiously before going back to his work, adding the last few Clics to finish it off. Keep on reading…

NEW RELEASE! Life Unwrapped

December 5, 2017

A class of bright-eyed, sweet young women graduates high school. Standing there on stage, in their matching caps and gowns, their hair carefully blow-dried, and their faces shining with their dreams for their futures (and okay, maybe some make-up, too), it’s hard to think that those futures could be anything but a bed of roses.

But while we daven that no one be visited by tzaros, the fact is that no one has the perfect life.  Everyone has something to contend with—be it a difficult mother-in-law, an unusually colicky baby, financial stresses, or any other problem, whether major or minor. Our job, as believing Jews, is to see the challenges we face in life as opportunities for growth, and through them, to develop into the greatest people we can become.

And we have so many role models to look up to! In Life Unwrapped, a beautifully written book of true stories about real people who struggled with something, but ultimately grew from that struggle, we meet Penina, who was sailing smoothly through life until a terrible car crash, just one week before she was supposed to get engaged, ripped away her mobility and emotional memory; Chayala, who has waited twelve years to find her basherte—only to discover that the road to parenthood will be a long one, too; and many others. We follow each protagonist through her journey and watch as painful decisions are made and heroic deeds done.

And always, always, we emerge uplifted from the saga. Because every one of us has a limitless amount of shining potential. That potential just needs to be unwrapped and brought out—as happened in the amazing stories in Life Unwrapped!

An excellent gift for those who love inspirational true stories!

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