Danger Deep Down

June 10, 2021


Danger Deep Down

If you know someone with a disability, then you know how awful and misunderstood it feels when you see that person being, well, misunderstood by others.

I’ve had personal experience with this. A close relative of mine has Down’s syndrome. Once, this relative and her disability came up in a conversation I was having with a friend. I was very taken aback when my friend flippantly remarked, “Oh, so she’s unwell.”

Huh? I remember thinking. Unwell?  Someone who is sick is considered “unwell.” But what does Down’s syndrome have to do with being sick?! I know that Down’s syndrome often comes along with health issues, but baruch Hashembli ayin hara, this relative is doing just fine health-wise. Why would my friend immediately equate a disability with a physical sickness?!

In Danger Deep Down, a beautifully written novel for tweens and teens by Sarah Feldbrand, we meet Shai, a boy on the autistic spectrum who is similarly misunderstood by his peers. Shai is a brilliant and sensitive boy who has so much to offer, but the parents of many of his classmates don’t want to see that. They don’t want their “normal” children interacting with a “strange” kid, and they want Shai out of the mainstream school.

It takes an exciting—though frightening—mystery, and lots of sleuth work on Shai and his friend Motty’s parts, for people to start realizing what a wonderful kid Shai really is…

If you’re looking for a great book for your kids to read, filled with suspense, adventure, and excellent lessons, not to mention layers of depth…then Danger Deep Down is the book you want.

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The Black Sheep – Chapter 33

June 7, 2021

Israel Book Shop presents Chapter 33 of a new online serial novel, The Black Sheep, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every week.  Click here for previous chapters.

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The small nightlight cast a soft, yellow glow, but the floor of the room was completely black in the darkness. It was impossible to see the interesting pattern of the tiles. Ariella ignored the dark; she’d never been particularly afraid of it. On the contrary, it helped her conjure up lots of magical ideas, interesting thoughts, and countless imaginary scenes. She tossed her soft slippers into a corner of the room and walked barefoot on the floor, creating a figure eight as she walked around the rectangular room. Numerous studies showed that doing so helped with  a lot of things—she’d read that once.

On a chair near the bed was the necklace she had created under Aliza’s tutelage. She couldn’t see it clearly, but its large green stones reflected some of the yellow rays of the nightlight, and it glowed in a strange, greenish light.

The stones were strange; she didn’t think she’d ever wear this necklace, even if it would match one of her outfits. But Aliza hadn’t let her choose. Besides, there hadn’t really been anything better to choose from. Aliza’s stones were mostly quite large, colorful, lumpy, or in colors that were too bold for Ariella’s taste.

She was happy here. Yes. The freedom was refreshing, and it was helping her air out; it eased the weight that had been resting on her shoulders in recent months. Sometimes, she felt like she didn’t know what she wanted anymore, but it was Aliza who had caused her to actually put things out on the table, between her stones and threads and beads. That had been good.

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