NEW RELEASE! What Is This—Some Kind of Joke?

June 23, 2016

L800SLA rabbi, a priest, and a minster walk into a bar.  The bartender says, “What is this—some kind of joke?”

 No, the rabbi routinely hangs out with these guys.  In bars. 

I don’t know; maybe it’s a salad bar.

…and Mordechai Schmutter is off and running with his latest humor book: What Is This—Some Kind of Joke?

(Yes, the question mark is part of the title; as Schmutter points out, like you’re a teenager who ends every sentence with a question to let the other person know that the conversation isn’t over.)

The great thing about this book is that it’s got the flavor of nearly every type of joke around, so you don’t have to fear that you’re being gypped out of even one little bit of humor. There’s a section of articles pertaining to dad jokes; chicken-crossing-the-road jokes; changing-a-light-bulb jokes; orange-you-glad-I-didn’t-say-banana jokes; what’s-black-and-white-and-red-all-over jokes; and many more.

And in case you’re still doubting just how many laughs you can get from a book like this, below is an excerpt from the book so you can see—or laugh—for yourself!

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All the Amenities of Home

This summer, you should definitely take some time to go on a vacation; quick, before the kids get off from school. And since you don’t take vacations very often these days, you should definitely try to get as much as you can out of this one. For example, if you go to a hotel, you should try to get some soaps and shampoos. You can also get pens, stationery, shower caps (even though you have never used one and don’t understand why someone would wear a rain hat in the shower), and, if you’re willing to stay in a “smoking” room even though you don’t smoke, you can get matches.

Which brings us to the question: Keep Reading…


June 15, 2016

l784Weight is one of those heavy topics (pun intended), especially when it comes to shidduchim. But Yael Mermelstein is not one to shy away from topics like that. Indeed, in her latest book for adults, Petals, a collection of fiction and nonfiction works, she gives full treatment to the subject in her very first story.

The story speaks of a single gentleman who is grossly overweight. He finally meets the woman he perceives as his intended. Conversation flows, goals match, and everything falls into place—except, she isn’t willing to marry someone of his size. Our protagonist isn’t willing to lose this woman, and he is finally motivated to lose his extra weight. The reader certainly doesn’t expect the twist that comes next…

“I can’t help but wonder,” Yael recently mused, while discussing Petals with us. “I once met a slim woman married to an obese man. When I looked through her wedding album, she told me, ‘I didn’t even notice that he was heavy. I only saw his beautiful soul. I’m not kidding.’ Considering that she married him, I suppose I can take her words at face value. But is she an unprecedented exception to an unfortunate norm? Or do women like this abound?”

An interesting question to explore. And explore it Yael does, as she weaves a fascinating plot into this great story. Did our protagonist really have to lose all of that weight in order to get married? You’ll have to read the story to find out…

And once you’re at it, you’ll want to read the rest of the fabulous stories and articles in this book, too! Chock-full of humor, deep messages, and personal inspiration, Petals is certainly Yael Mermelstein at her best!

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