RECENT RELEASE! My Friends, We Were Robbed!

August 7, 2017

They came in droves. Hundreds of Lakewood residents converged upon Bais Faiga that night, the night of the city’s major Lev L’Achim asifah, anticipating the mega dose of chizuk and inspiration they’d no doubt be receiving from the event—and eagerly awaiting the appearance of Rav Uri Zohar shlit”a, the backbone of Lev L’Achim.

Rav Uri’s name is synonymous with Lev L’Achim, and there’s no question what a powerful force he is for the important organization, but although he is the undisputed “leader of the teshuvah movement in Eretz Yisrael,” as he’s been branded, Rav Uri is a tremendous talmid chacham and gadol in his own right. Over 80 years old bli ayin hara, he sits and learns the entire day, and most of the night too, peeling himself away from his Gemara only when absolutely necessary, like when his presence is needed at kiruv events and the like.

Seeing the venerable rav, with his flowing white beard and penetrating gaze, you’d be hard-pressed to imagine there was ever a time when he wasn’t poring over his sefarim. But of course, Rav Uri hasn’t become the father of ba’alei teshuvah without good reason: for the first 40 years of his life, Rav Uri knew next to nothing about Torah. To the contrary, he was the epitome of modern, non-Torah-observant Israeli society! When it came to secular success, he was it: he was the top comedian, television and radio talk show host, social satirist, actor, and film producer on the Israeli scene. Yet when he learned the truths of the Torah, he left all of that behind and made the monumental decision to become frum, much to the shock and dismay of his thousands of fans.

It’s been more than 40 years since, and he’s never once looked back.

Many have wondered how Rav Uri did it. How does an individual who has reached the pinnacle of fame and fortune, just throw it all out the window and embrace a lifestyle so alien from that which he’d always known? In answer to this question, Rav Uri chronicled all of his observations, thoughts, and views on his journey, emerging with his masterpiece, My Friends, We Were Robbed.

Originally published decades ago, this eye-opening book is now back in print, with a stunning, brand new layout and cover, and one very significant addition: the actual story of Rav Uri’s life, as told to beloved author Nachman Seltzer.

If you have a hard time understanding how Rav Uri made his decision, this book will explain all of that to you. Read Uri Zohar’s fascinating teshuvah story, and join him on his journey of logic and reason. You’ll discover—as he did—the deep and irrefutable truths of your very own heritage.

For when it comes to real success in life, only the Torah is it—and as Torah Jews, we are all the lucky “one-in-a-millions” who actually have a part of this.

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RECENT RELEASE! Chutes and Ladders

August 4, 2017

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you managed to rationalize and convince yourself, as well as those around you, that it was worth giving up on other things in order to have it? Even if those “other things” just happen to be non-negotiables, like a stable marriage and a happy spouse and children?

If so, you’ve walked in Minny Spivak’s shoes.

As assistant editor-in-chief of Lev Magazine, Minny has climbed many rungs of her personal ladder to success—and she has no desire whatsoever to stop the climb just yet.  Why should she? She’s bringing in enough income to support her husband in kollel, he’s learning well, the kids are content and well-adjusted…right? RIGHT?

Or maybe not…

Join Minny in Chutes and Ladders, as she learns some tough truths about life—oftentimes the hard way… Bursting with signature Yael Mermelstein wit, humor, and depth, this book explores some very familiar-sounding characters and their very real life issues, in a way that will captivate you from the first page until the last!

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