Just Released! – Onions Always Make Me Cry

September 28, 2011

Have a teenage girl at home who’s been helping out enormously with Yom Tov and is deserving of a treat? Or are you that teenager yourself? (Teens-at-heart, you can answer “yes” to that question, too!) In either case, you’ll be thrilled to hear about our latest release—a teen book titled Onions Always Make Me Cry. A compilation of some of the best stories from the popular Shoshanim magazine for teens, Onions Always Make Me Cry will provide you with hours of reading pleasure and entertainment. Whether it’s the story of Goldie, who’s always been a quiet, studious type of girl, until one day she finds herself running for the G.O. elections, or the story of Sara’le, who thought she landed the job of her dreams one summer, until reality begins showing her otherwise, you’ll relate to the characters in this book as only a teen can—and you’ll love every bit of it!

Be prepared to laugh. Be prepared to cry. In Onions Always Make Me Cry, there’s something for your every mood!

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Beneath the Surface – Chapter 24

September 28, 2011

Israel Book Shop presents Chapter 24 of a new online serial novel, Beneath the Surface, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every Thursday or Friday. Click here for previous chapters.

Copyright © 2011 by Israel Bookshop Publication

Menuchi’s perspective, continued:

The Sculpey clay was finished to the last crumb. We spent the first half of the lesson learning Orchos Tzaddikim, and then sculpted our figures during the second part. The girls had fantastic ideas and there were some really cute figures, but at the end we had a problem. We had to bake the figures and there was no place to do it. Did the Sculpey create a kashrus problem? In case it did, we didn’t want to use the dorm’s oven. We decided that we’d take care of it the next week. (Shragi would have to come up with a solution) and then we’d be able to play the game. I had to leave by then, in any case.

“Just a minute, Menuchi!”Sandycried. “Don’t go yet! We have to take pictures!” She was busy setting up her camera on the shelf.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Automatic photo setting!” the girls answered almost in unison. They were already posing in front of the camera, each holding her clay doll. “Sandy’s camera takes the best pictures like this.”

“But you don’t need it now. I’ll take the picture,” I suggested, walking over to the shelf. Keep Reading…

The Meshulach – In Stores Now!

September 27, 2011

Mention the name “Meir Uri Gottesman” to any avid reader, and chances are you’ll immediately see a gleam come to the person’s eyes. Gottesman? His books are in a class of their own, devoured by thousands of fans across the globe; Jewish literary classics in every sense of the term.

What is this author’s secret? What is so electrifying about his books, to the point where throngs of eager readers converge upon them the moment they are released? Well, dear reader, you need only to join those throngs in the bookstores, snapping up copy after copy of The Meshulach, Gottesman’s newest book, to find the answer to that yourself…

In the Meshulach, a powerful collection of three not-to-be-forgotten novellas, Gottesman leads us into a mystical world, where everything and anything is possible… A billionaire philanthropist forced to disguise himself as a penniless panhandler and begin a journey into his own self… An old jalopy of a car that becomes suddenly blessed with bizarre powers… A thin, brittle, and homely pine tree in the heart of one of the most exclusive streets in Toronto, whose owner, Chaim Heller, refuses to heed his neighbor’s demands that he chop it down…

We won’t spoil any endings for you, but suffice it to say that while reading The Meshulach, with author Meir Uri Gottesman in the driver’s seat, you are headed to destinations  more wondrous and far-out than you’d have ever imagined…

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NEW- Balabusta’s Daily Organizer 2011-2012

September 23, 2011

Stressed out? Overwhelmed? Feeling that you have so much to do but no time to do it all? We have the solution for you!

The Balabusta’s Daily Organizer: the ideal planner and calendar for the busy Jewish housewife.

For 3 years now, frum women of every type and stripe have come to know and love this amazing organizer, which, though slim and handy, somehow has everything in it. It includes a weekly calendar, complete with Jewish and secular dates and all the Yamim Tovim and (l’havdil) legal holidays, menu planning lists, to-do lists, grocery lists, candle-lighting times in many Jewish communities, tips, and so much more. Little wonder that so many of you have been after us, asking when this next edition would be released!

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Grow More! – In Stores Now!

September 23, 2011

Who isn’t looking for ways to improve and grow at this time of year? With the blasts of the shofar ringing in our ears these days, Jews everywhere, whether man or woman, are doing their utmost to merit a sweet and healthy new year.

Grow More!, by noted author Rebbetzin S. Feldbrand, is an excellent tool for achieving true personal growth. A comprehensive book on self-improvement, Grow More! will provide you with powerful, down-to-earth ideas to keep you inspired and motivated each day. Topics such as humility, truthfulness, and hakaras hatov are explored in easy-to-read segments, with many practical examples included to further underscore the points made.

This year, capitalize on your strengths! Reach your goals! Discover who you are, and…grow more!

Beneath the Surface – Chapter 23

September 23, 2011

Israel Book Shop presents Chapter 23 of a new online serial novel, Beneath the Surface, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every Thursday or Friday. Click here for previous chapters.

Copyright © 2011 by Israel Bookshop Publication

Menuchi’s perspective, continued:

“I also have good news,” Shragi said after we finished sharing our excitement about Chasya Ehrentreau’s announcement. “Remember I told you about Dan, my uncle fromBelgium?”

I did.

“In the end, plans have changed. He’s not going to marry the gentile girl!”

Baruch Hashem! Did you meet your mother at home?”

“No, she was at work. Simi told me everything. Did I tell you at the time that the girl’s grandmother helped raise my Savta Weingarten after the war?”

“You mentioned something like that.”

“So now my grandmother sent a fax of something she got a few months ago. They are the memoirs of that girl’s grandmother from after the war. Simi told me that the description of my grandmother as a little girl is very touching.” He took a spoonful of soup (without zucchini).

“Oh, Simi read it already?”

“No, it’s in English. But my mother sat until one in the morning and read it from beginning to end, and I guess she told Simi the gist of it.”

“What a shame it’s in English. If it was in Flemish you would also be able to read it.”

“I can barely speak Flemish. I don’t remember much of the language from when I was little, and I certainly can’t read it. I speak to my grandmother mostly in Yiddish,” Shragi said. “Besides, it couldn’t be in Flemish. The woman was British.”

“And her granddaughter?” My soup was finally cool enough for me to begin eating it.


“Well, when everyone finishes reading these memoirs, I want to be next on line. It sounds fascinating.”

“I think you’ll be able to get it very soon, because it won’t take my father—if he’s even interested in it—more than ten minutes to read it, and Simi never liked reading in English. She hates the language.”

A small bird suddenly landed on our windowsill. Her feathers were stuck together wetly and she looked cold. Shragi spooned out a small piece of carrot from his plate and cautiously approached the window. The bird fled. Keep Reading…

Beneath the Surface – Chapter 22

September 16, 2011

Israel Book Shop presents Chapter 22 of a new online serial novel, Beneath the Surface, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every Thursday or Friday. Click here for previous chapters.

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Simi stepped into the stairwell. She lowered the umbrella and her eyes fell on Morah Yavniel, standing next to a flowerpot, where someone apparently had planned to plant something one day.

“Hello, Sima,” Morah Yavniel said, flashing a friendly smile. “One minute; you girls are sisters-in-law, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Simi replied. “Hello, Morah, hello, Menuchi.”

One last drop dripped from Menuchi’s gray jacket, splashing into the small puddle that had formed at her feet. How humiliating.

“Hello, Simi.” Menuchi decided to use the blessed method of ignoring reality—there was no rain, no puddle at her shoes, everything was dry and gleaming, and the birds were chirping outside. “You bought an umbrella?”

“I did. And I passed here and saw you, so I’ll walk you home with the umbrella. Um…I can walk Morah as well,” she said, suddenly remembering her manners.

Their teacher smiled again. “Thank you, Sima, but it’s fine. I’ll continue to wait here. I’m sure the rain will stop soon.”

They smiled at her and Menuchi bent over to her bag. “Good luck with the kugel,” her teacher remembered. “And you know Sima, you have a special sister-in-law.”

“I know,” Simi said. She smiled and waved the umbrella again. Right. I know. Keep Reading…

NEW! A Patchwork Life

September 15, 2011

All of you overworked ladies out there, get ready for a great, well-deserved treat! We have a book for you that is just begging to be savored over a cup of hot coffee and a slice of fresh cake, with your feet up…and we have a feeling that you will be more than happy to give in to that plea!

Author Libby Lazewnik needs no introduction; as any reader can tell you, her name is synonymous with fantastic books of the highest caliber of writing. Now we present to you her latest offering: A Patchwork Life, a collection of fictional short stories. Having all been previously published in Binah magazine, these stories were devoured and gushed about by countless women just like you—so we already know that you are going to love this book!

Are you a mother feeling the twinge of Empty Nest Syndrome? An excited kallah with a thorn in your side called your prospective sister-in-law? A kindhearted neighbor to someone whom you feel needs your help? No matter what your age or stage may be, the characters and plots in A Patchwork Life will resonate with you on some level, providing you with hours of unadulterated pleasure, entertainment, and relaxation…

Ahh! Enjoy!

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Beneath the Surface – Chapter 21

September 9, 2011

Israel Book Shop presents Chapter 21 of a new online serial novel, Beneath the Surface, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every Thursday or Friday. Click here for previous chapters.

Copyright © 2011 by Israel Bookshop Publication

Menuchi’s perspective, continued:

“Hey!” the girl said. “Hello!”

I turned around. “Hello,” I answered cautiously and looked at her expectantly. What would she think of my negligence? Had she noticed that the key was in the door—outside?

She had noticed. She took it out of the keyhole and placed it—

In her bag.

“I think…I think that that’s my neighborhood’s key, um, Chasya’s,” I said, stammering badly. All of my English flew out of my mind and I had to scramble for each word to form a coherent sentence. “She…gave it to me…and I think…that I forgot it outside.” I knew that I was blushing furiously. I could feel it.

The girl took the key out, looked at it for a minute and then at me, and then stuck her hand into her bag and pulled out another key.

“Oh, you’re right!” she exclaimed. “I’m always the last to leave and almost always leave the key in the keyhole. I thought it was mine!”

I smiled at her, my forehead and cheeks burning, and studied her with interest. She wasn’t tall, although she was still taller than me, and she had dark hair gathered into a curly bun.

“So Chasya gave you the key?” she asked, and I wondered if I should continue sweeping.

“Yes. She doesn’t feel well. She pulled something in her back.”

I went into the kitchen to put the broom away. She followed me. “Wow! You set the table yourself? So nice of you!” She had a pleasant laugh. “But you really didn’t have to bother. We usually just put a stack of each thing in the middle and the girls take for themselves. What’s your name?”

“Menuchi Ostfeld,” I said as I picked up the broom that had decided to fall. “And yours?”

“Adina Baumel, fromMiami.” We exchanged a few more sentences when I suddenly remembered about the lasagna. I dashed towards the oven. It was completely cold. Of course, Madame Ostfeld. If you don’t turn on the oven, it doesn’t usually turn itself on.

Once again the door to the apartment opened, and more voices filled the kitchen. I heard rapid-fire talking as I concentrated on the oven knobs. “This is Menuchi,” I heard Adina say. “Chasya hurt her back. She’s her neighbor.”

A few people suddenly stood behind me. I had no choice anymore. I pasted my broadest smile on my face and turned around. There were five or six girls there. They all said it was so nice to meet me and shared their names before disappearing into their rooms, still chattering loudly.  Keep Reading…

Beneath the Surface – Chapter 20

September 8, 2011

Israel Book Shop presents Chapter 20 of a new online serial novel, Beneath the Surface, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every Thursday or Friday. Click here for previous chapters.

Copyright © 2011 by Israel Bookshop Publication

The drawer was open, revealing the array of colors scattered inside. The eight-year-old child stood in front of the drawer, deliberating.

Nu, Nati, have you chosen something?” His mother glanced at her watch impatiently. Her son had been standing there for more than two minutes already.

“It’s fine; let him take his time,” Dr. Chani Ostfeld soothed as she picked up the phone. “I think he deserves it, right, Nati?” The child smiled bashfully, and his new amalgam filling gleamed in the fluorescent light.

He hesitantly fingered a small plastic helicopter, but pulled back. No, he didn’t want that.

“Menuchi?” Chani had hesitated and deliberated before dialing. “Menuchi, do you have any special plans for this morning?”

“No, why?” Menuchi’s voice sounded warm and smooth. Chani liked the tones she heard.

“I’m calling from work. My secretary didn’t come in today and didn’t send a substitute either. Do you think you could come in instead of her? It isn’t hard work and today is not a very busy day.” When she was met with silence, Chani added, “It’s only until one.”

In the small apartment, the onions crackled as they sautéed in the skillet. Menuchi stared in dismay at the small pieces of onion that began to stick to the side of the pan, browning quickly. She tried to scrape them down with a long wooden spoon, but they stuck stubbornly to the pan and she didn’t understand why. She would manage with lunch. She didn’t have all that much left to do. That wasn’t the problem.

“Hold on a second,” she said a bit breathlessly. “My onions are burning.” Keep Reading…