The first serialized story on our blog—It’s finally here!! Divided Attention

March 27, 2012

Suspenseful? Check.

Intriguing, not-your-run-of-the-mill kind of plot? Check.

Realistic characters? Check.

Fast-paced, entertaining reading? Check.

Satisfying ending? Check.

Yup, folks. Some books do have it all, and, as you can see for yourself, our newest novel, Divided Attention, certainly does. This is one book that we guarantee will appeal to any and all readers.

You’ll read the gripping story of a young boy’s struggle to carve for himself a new life, while being thwarted time and again by a past that refuses to leave him… Yes, you may need some tissues for this book—it is quite emotionally charged—but we know you will absolutely love the depth of the plot, as well as of each character in the book.

If you’re looking to treat yourself, or someone else deserving of a nice gift, this Pesach, then Divided Attention is the book you are looking for.

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NEW! Mommy Tell Me More Vol. 1 & 2

March 26, 2012

If you’re a mommy, you know there’s nothing like it in the world—having your kids cuddle up with you while you look at and read books together. There’s something about the sweetness of the moment—especially if the children have just been bathed, pajama-ed, and with their hair combed—that makes you just want to freeze the scene in your memory forever…

Of course you need the right kind of books in order to make the most of this special mommy-and-me time. A book that’s too long and wordy, or one with ho-hum pictures, is just not going to cut it. Which is why Mommy, Tell Me More—books 1 and 2—have become such popular books among so many mommies and children.

Each book contains text especially geared to a specific age; Mommy, Tell Me More volume 1 is directed to really young children (ages 1-2), while Mommy, Tell Me More volume 2 is for “older” children (2 and up). Everything about the books is both mommy- and kid-friendly:  the educational text and stories, the enhanced language, the creative thinking the books engender, not to mention the stunning artwork by renowned illustrator Tirtza Peleg!

Enjoy these special moments with your children. They grow up so fast as it is! Buy yourself a copy of both Mommy, Tell Me Morebooks, and let the good times begin… 

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Recent Release: Code for the Road

March 24, 2012

You’re stuck in traffic late on Friday afternoon. The minutes are ticking by, and the pressure is mounting within you… Help! What should you do?

You’ve been driving for hours down the 80, and you feel your eyelids start to droop. You need some heavy-duty caffeine, so you stop at a rest stop to buy some coffee…but there are no disposable cups there. Okaaaay, you tell yourself. Now what?

You’re driving merrily down the street, singing along to your favorite CD, when…you see them: those dreaded flashing lights in your rearview mirror. Uh-oh, you think. What did I do this time? And, even more important, what do I do now?

If you live in modern-day times and have a driver’s license, chances are that you are familiar with these types of “driving dilemmas.” And now, we are presenting you with a practical way to find solutions for all of these scenarios.

Code for the Road, by noted author Rabbi Avrohom Bookman, is a handy and helpful manual that will provide you with the knowledge and know-how of halachically correct driving practice. Small enough to fit in your glove compartment yet comprehensive enough to include a whole lot of practical information, Code for the Road is an indispensable guide when it comes to the Torah’s perspective on basic driving and parking rules, the halachosof yichud in a car, brachos, and tefillas haderech, solutions to many driving dilemmas, and much more.

So whether you’re en route on a quick drive to the grocery store, or a long road trip, be sure to pick up a copy of Code of the Road before starting out.

And have a safe trip, too! 

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New Release! Doda Golda Comes for Pesach

March 22, 2012

She wants to help, she’s eager to please, she doesn’t mean to mess things up…she’s…Doda Golda!
Get ready for your kids to erupt into gales of giggles with our newest children’s book! Meet the one and only Doda Golda! She comes to help out with the Pesach preparations, but her literal sense of comprehension doesn’t exactly bring forth the intended results…
Whether it’s “turning over the kitchen” by flipping over each pot and pan, or “separating the eggs” by hiding them all in different places, Doda Golda sure knows how to spread laughter among her family…and among yours, as well!
This is one book sure to bring out the let’s-get-to-work-and-help-out attitude in your children! If you’re trying to come up with an idea for an afikoman present that may simultaneously provide you with more eager helpers (or at the very least, some much-needed stress relief and laughter)—Doda Golda Comes for Pesach is the book you’ll want to get for your kids this Pesach!

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NEW! The Addicted Soul

March 19, 2012

I know I quote many when I say that the world we are living in nowadays is not the same as it was years ago. Or, to put it simply, things aren’t how they used to be. How else can one describe the frightening trend of obsessions with various mediums, the substance abuse, the growing number of addicts within our own insular communities?
It was to fight this development that Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser, world-renowned rav, speaker, and author, wrote The Addicted Soul. This book focuses on the common addictions of drinking, gambling, drugs, internet use, texting, shopping, and eating. In his clear, thought-out way, Rabbi Goldwasser first shows the destruction and harm of each addiction, and then presents methods for obtaining help and releasing oneself from addiction’s tight grip.
This is a serious book as it is an important one. Addiction is not something to be taken lightly, as Rabbi Goldwasser explains in great depth. With The Addicted Soul, a person who finds himself hooked onto something in an unhealthy way has taken his first step to getting help…and gaining his freedom.

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NEW NOVEL – This is America!

March 19, 2012


Growing up, life was about Chinese jump-rope, Bazooka gum…and When Zaidy was Young. As kids, we found nothing more captivating than listening to Heshy, Manny, Uncle Isadore, Mrs. Pitkin, and all the rest of Shmuel Kunda’s colorful cast of characters come to life on our family tape recorder (for the un-initiated, yes, we’re talking about the Pre-CD-Player Age). When I think about it now, though, I realize that as much as we loved the hilarity of those When Zaidy was Young tapes, a lot of their pull came from their endearing depictions of the Lower East Side of years ago. There was something so compelling, so…curious about the way life was back then, with haggling pushcart peddlers and crowded, dreary tenement buildings, in the city of New York that was so similar—yet so different—from what it is nowadays.
I felt the same pull when reading This is America. Set against the backdrop of the early nineteen hundreds, this magnificently written, well-researched historical novel literally makes you feel as if you were transported back to that time period, where you could peek into the lives of Tcharna Gordon and her family as they valiantly try to “make it” in the New World they’ve been thrust into. You can just picture the overwhelmingly noisy and busy streets of New York, over-run with carriages and even some automobiles…the overcrowded sweatshops where so many girl work, and where Papa is insisting that Tcharna find a job…the dizzying atmosphere in the Coney Island amusement park…
Of course life for the Gordons is not exactly one, big, nostalgic bed of roses—far from it. This is America pulses with the very real—and very painful—feelings of a family ripped apart by differences that run too deeply to be pushed under the rug. Reading the book, we become aware of our own array of emotions that rise to the fore as the plot twists and develops—empathy for Mamme’s hurt, frustration for Tcharna’s angst, amusement for Bina-Gittel’s antics…
This is America is not your typical book. It is a book that enlightens as it entertains; broadens your horizons as it provides enjoyment. Read it and see for yourself—you will not be disappointed!

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