New Release! U Turn

October 29, 2015

L763As the autumn months slowly turn into winter, there’s nothing more tantalizing than slipping under the covers with a good book.  Teenagers, this one is for you! Told from the perspective of three very different narrators, U-turn is the mesmerizing story of true friendship and change. The all-American Margaret Miller has been blessed with a spunky and exciting personality, but when things come crashing down, so does her core self. As Margaret and her newfound best friend Shiffy deal with their issues simultaneously but individually, readers are drawn into an exciting world of intrigue and adventure, spurred on by Margaret’s kid brother Henry.

If you’re expecting a straightforward story of teenage friendship and adventure, be prepared for surprises. For one thing, Margaret’s older sister Julie is dealing with some issues of her own—which don’t always jive with a straightforward plot of friendship and growth. Julie is one of the narrators of this story, and her tale is quite the fascinating one. But then again, so is Margaret’s…and so is Shiffy’s…

Authored by popular teen author, Chaya Sara Ben Shachar, this book is a solid read. So what are you waiting for? The autumn winds? The winter snow? Pick up a copy of U-Turn, get yourself comfy, and be prepared to enter the world of three very different teens.

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New Release! The Parshah and YOU

October 13, 2015

L760Once there was a family. The husband and wife did not get along. The children were wild and misbehaved. Tension, resentment, and unhappiness hung over their Shabbos table like a black cloud.

Then the family found The Parshah and You. They began reading and learning from the book each Shabbos. Now the family is an entirely different one. The parents have wonderful shalom bayis; the children obey their parents and behave beautifully. And they all lived happily ever after…

Too good to be true? Yes, you’re right, of course. If only life were that magical and simple… But there is definitely an element of validity to this little story, and that is the fact that Rabbi Chaim Morgenstern’s book, The Parshah and You, contains priceless lessons on interpersonal relationships,shalom bayis, and chinuch—and reading and internalizing these lessons is a good way to start mending any rocky relationship. It’s also a great way to enhance an already wonderful relationship—so no matter where you stand, you have what to gain from this book!

As the book is based on the parshah, and the warm advice, stories, and divrei Torah are broken down into small increments, the material is easy to read and easy to digest. You don’t feel like you’re sitting in on a boring lecture or anything like that; to the contrary, you can’t help but be moved and inspired by Rabbi Morgenstern’s eloquent writing and the way he delivers a message.

This is a book that will be a treasured addition to every family’s Shabbos table. It belongs there, right alongside the Shabbos candles and Shabbos food.

Buy it for your family…and for yourself.

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New Title! Rav Gershon Edelstein on the Torah

October 12, 2015

L758If you’ve got a son in yeshivah in Eretz Yisrael, chances are he knows all about Rav Gershon Edelstein shlit”a. For that matter, you yourself, living in New York or Chicago or LA, may very well have heard all about Rav Gershon Edelstein. Rosh yeshivah of the famed Ponovezh Yeshivah in Bnei Brak, Rav Edelstein is easily one of the gedolim of our generation.

Anyone who’s heard about Rav Edelstein will know of the thousands of students and visitors who flock regularly to him, to drink in his warmth, his wisdom, his pure Torah hashkafah. His sichos are attended by multitudes of talmidim.

And now, for the first time, English speakers living in America can imbibe Rav Edelstein’s wisdom andhadrachah, as well! How? you ask. By reading Rav Gershon Edelstein on the Torah, of course.

Rav Gershon Edelstein on the Torah contains many of Rav Edelstein’s brilliant insights on the weeklyparshah—but it also includes the gadol’s sage advice on a variety of fundamental topics, such as how to succeed in Torah learning, how to daven better, how to live with emunah, how to navigateshidduchim properly, dealing with chinuch issues, and more.

The material in this sefer is priceless. It will help its readers grow and ascend the ladder of avodas Hashem in a most sublime way. Gift yourself—or someone you care about—with this beautiful book. You’ll see what a difference it can make in your life.

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Recent Release! Picture Perfect

October 11, 2015

L754Imagine this: You’re a well-known and much admired mechaneches and high school principal for two decades; your husband is a much respected rosh yeshivah; your children have baruch Hashem all made fine shidduchim; and your youngest daughter is about to get engaged. You’ve had the usual ups and downs of life, but nothing earth-shattering. Things are going along quite nicely, thank you very much.

Until. The phone call comes.

Your son, who is married with three children, has been arrested. The crime? Driving while intoxicated…and seriously injuring one of his son’s rebbeim in a car accident.

The world caves in around you. Suddenly, dark secrets slip out of the closet. Your son is an alcoholic! You’re reeling from shock—and shame; after all, things like this happen to other people, not the Kletner family. How will you face the community after this shameful event? What will you do? How will you cope? Suddenly, the Kletner family is not quite so “picture perfect” anymore.

The fallout from this one catastrophic event is huge, its effects spreading to all family members like a toxic spill.

With her depth and understanding of human nature, renowned author Batya Ruddell takes you down the complicated and sometimes painful paths of her characters. Different family members react in different ways: Some siblings are angry and resentful toward their brother; Rebbetzin Kletner and her husband have vastly different ways of dealing with the crisis. And then there’s Bubby Takowski, Rebbetzin Kletner’s mother, whom you will just adore—an island of stability amidst the chaos.

Batya’s characters are relatable. Chances are that you’ll see yourself in one or two of them. The inner journeys they embark on while trying to make sense of their situation are authentic and honest.

This novel will make you ask yourself the questions: Who am I really? How would I stand up to a test of such proportions? And what is the true meaning of “picture perfect”?

In her usual style, Batya probes, challenges, and explores. Picture Perfect will make you think, redefine your value system, and invoke empathy that could make you just that more understanding, tolerant, and appreciative of…imperfection!

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New Release! Torah Tavlin Volume 3!

October 9, 2015

L759Just in time for Sefer Bereishis!

There’s nothing like a new sefer on the parshah with which to start off the new cycle of parshiyos ha’shavuah, and then stay with throughout the year. And when that sefer is a brand new volume of Torah Tavlin, well, what more could you ask for?

We like to think of Torah Tavlin as a menu that includes something for everyone—from satisfying divrei Torah and savory stories of our gedolim, to the “spicy” quotes of famous Chassidishe masters, and everything in between. A delectable dish is comprised of a vast assortment of ingredients, and in much the same way, the secret to Torah Tavlin’s popularity seems to lie in its diverse variety of stories, parables, and divrei Torah on the parshah each week. Also, the fact that Torah Tavlin is neatly categorized according to the days of the week ensures that you could learn something short and sweet on the parshah every single day!

This new volume of Torah Tavlin includes something unique to the series, as well: concepts in tefillah and the haftorahs. So not only will you be picking up gems from the Chumash with this book—you’ll also be collecting fascinating tidbits and explanations on the weekly haftorahs, and you’ll be gaining plenty from the “tefillah” section in each parshah, too.

So get out there and pick up your own copy of Torah Tavlin with Tefillah and Haftorah, before it sells out! With so many fans all vying for the book, that may happen sooner than you think, you know…

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