NEW RELEASE! Dance of the Puppet

May 23, 2017

It was the weirdest feeling. For the first time, I really understood the phrase “to be someone’s puppet.”

I profess to being, what I call, “technically challenged.” Credit card terms, bank offers, points and mileage—to me, they’re all one big cholent pot of confusing lingo and terminology. Baruch Hashem we’ve worked out a set-up in which my husband more or less takes care of all of these kinds of things for the family, so I can happily be left out of it all.

But sometimes I have no choice but to get involved. Like when a credit card is under my name, and the credit card company only agrees to talk to me—not hubby—about whatever the issue may be. That’s how I found myself one day having the strangest conversation ever, with American Express.

There I was, on the phone with them, my husband seated strategically to my right.

“Okay, ma’am,” Cindy, the AmEx representative, chirped. “Let’s get started. What’s your member ID?”

Member ID? I looked blankly at my husband.

“She means this number,” he whispered, pointing to the paper in my hand.

“Oh, of course! My member ID!” I chirped back. “Sure! Here it is.”

And so our conversation went. Every time Cindy asked me a question, I’d mouth it to my husband, who’d quickly mouth back the answer, which I’d then repeat, with as much confidence as I could muster, to the ever-so-patient rep.

Like I said, it was a really weird—and really uncomfortable—feeling. When I finally hung up, I mentally resolved to sit down and familiarize myself with the credit card lingo once and for all, no matter what it would take, so I wouldn’t have to be anyone’s puppet again, even for such a small and inconsequential thing.

Yaffa Levinsky, in Dance of the Puppet, knows all too well how it feels to be a puppet—and not just for a couple of insignificant occasions. Yaffa’s whole day job revolves around her being other people’s puppet…unless she decides to do something about that.

But can she? Can the soft young woman manage to acquire her own backbone and do things her own way, for a change? Can the girl who’s happy to become a cleaning lady, simply because she’s sure she can’t do anything else, actually make waves in one of the most prestigious high schools in the city?

That, dear readers, awaits to be seen in this phenomenal, suspenseful novel, by bestselling author Esther Rappaport!

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NEW RELEASE! A Living Sefer Torah

May 22, 2017

When it comes to “Torah heroes” we want our children—and ourselves—to emulate, it’s safe to assume that Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a will be on everyone’s list. This is a gadol who has all of Torah right at his fingertips, a gadol who is literally a “living sefer Torah.

Whether it’s finishing all of Shas and poskim once a year; learning a masechta in his sleep (!); or getting lost in his Gemara while sitting in a tiny chair in a kindergarten class (you need to read that story to see what we mean!), the genius and hasmadah of Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a are legendary. And wondrous things often happen to a person on this level…

Read all about it in A Living Sefer Torah, a collection of 25 awe-inspiring stories for children (and adults!), about a truly awe-inspiring gadol—the living sefer Torah, Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a.

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NEW RELEASE! The Ambassadors

May 19, 2017

It’s the story we grew up on. At Bnos or Pirchei events, around camp bonfires, or at some lucky families’ Shabbos tables, this was the tale the dramatic storytellers would say over, each one outdoing the other with their descriptions of the evil galach and his black magic capabilities. (“’Aaabra Kadaaabra!’ he would say, and then—POOF! The person disappeared!”) If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m referring to the amazing, legendary story of the Baal Akdamos.

What?! You don’t know the story?! You mean to say that you played hooky at all those events…? Well, I don’t want to ruin the incredible tale for you—only a proper storyteller (see above qualifications!) could do justice to it. Or…you can always go out and buy The Ambassadors!

When I first saw this book, I was amazed. What a fantastic idea! To put this beloved true story into comics form, for children to be able to read—and thoroughly enjoy—all by themselves…pure genius!

Then I began leafing through the pages, and my high regard for the book sky-rocketed! The attention to detail…the realistic illustrations…the fictional storyline that threads its way throughout the non-fictional account… I’m telling you, dear readers, you must see this book for yourselves to see what I mean! It is absolutely a jewel among today’s children’s books.

Treat your kids to The Ambassadors for this Shavuos! They’ll understand the story behind the holy Akdamos prayer like never before—and what’s more, they’ll be entertained the entire Yom Tov long!

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NEW RELEASE! Just Imagine—We’re Bringing Bikkurim!

May 18, 2017

Did you ever wonder what it was like to bring bikkurim during the times of the Beis Hamikdash? We hear so much about it—the tremendous joy that permeated the entire event, the different steps to the process, the excitement and anticipation that ran high as the bikkurim-bearers joined the procession to Yerushalayim… Wouldn’t it be amazing if you, as a parent, could give over this emotion-laden account to your children so that they, too, could appreciate what the bikkurim-bringing procession was all about?

Now you could!

With the release of the newest book in the Just Imagine series, We’re Bringing Bikkurim!, your children can now read all about the exciting events surrounding the bringing of bikkurim, in the way that they like best—through comics, of course! As with the other books in this groundbreaking and much beloved series, readers will be able to imagine as if they themselves were bringing the bikkurim to the Beis Hamikdash, and the excitement they’ll feel by reading this account will be absolutely genuine!

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NEW RELEASE! Matriarch of King Dovid’s Dynasty

May 17, 2017

Megillas Rus. We read it in shul every Shavuos, the yahrtzeit of Dovid Hamelech, Rus’s descendant. But who was this righteous convert named Rus? How did a former Moavite princess merit to become the wife of the Shofet Yisrael and the matriarch of the Davidic dynasty, culminating in Melech Hamashiach? Clearly, there are layers and layers of meaning behind this well-known story.

For decades, students and educators alike have turned to Rav Gershon Weiss’s works in an effort to understand cryptic stories and episodes in Tanach and Jewish history, and the story of Rus is no exception. In Matriarch of King Dovid’s Dynasty, Rabbi Weiss takes us through all of Megillas Rus with an extensive and enlightening commentary. Drawing upon numerous mefarshim, this book will help you understand the amazing story of Rus with an incredible clarity and understanding of the significance of each event that occurred.

Have you always wondered about the Moavite princess-turned-convert-and-tzaddeikes, from whom Dovid Hamelech emerged? After reading this beautiful book, you will no longer be left wondering. Indeed, you will be privy to an absolutely stunning swatch of history, one which hasn’t yet finished being woven…

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NEW RELEASE! Middos Man 4: Different Doesn’t Matter

May 5, 2017

The snowy weather may be clearing up (and not a moment too soon, right?), but when MiddosMan is out riding his MiddosCycle through the snow, racing to answer an ahavas Yisrael emergency call—whatever the weather, your kids will be hooked!

I speak from experience. Scarcely had I entered my home, holding MiddosMan 4 aloft, when I was almost knocked over by a horde of neighborhood children (mine among them), all shouting, “Hey, MiddosMan! A new MiddosMan book!”

Yeah, it’s a popular series.

The MiddosMan books have all the components necessary to become instant favorites of your children: adorable stories; glossy, high-quality illustrations; the read-along musical CD; excellent lessons…these books have it all! It’s no wonder the MiddosMan books fly off the bookstore shelves (no MiddosCopter or MiddosCycle needed here!) faster than they can be restocked!

Don’t let your kids be left out of the fun! Pick up your copy of MiddosMan 4: Different Doesn’t Matter for them today!

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NEW RELEASE! The Funny Things They Say 4

May 4, 2017

One of my sons has a boy named Tzion (short for Bentzion) in his class. Once I asked him, “What is Tzion’s last name?”

Without missing a beat, my first-grader replied, “Irecha.”

I’m sure you can tell over “funny stories” of your own, from your children. That’s one of the geshmake parts of being a parent—enjoying the non-stop cuteness and adorable sayings of our little ones.

But you know something? Kids themselves get a kick out of their younger siblings (that is, when they’re not giving actual kicks to them…), and there’s nothing a kid likes more than seeing his or her own name in print, too. Which is why The Funny Things They Say is such a beloved series among children.

In these books, real stories, from real kids and their little siblings, are told over by way of comics.  Your kids (and you! Let’s be real here!) will enjoy many hours of giggles and fun, going through one adorable saying after another in these pages.

The Funny Things They Say 4 is the latest book in this wildly popular series. Collect all 4 books today—you’ll absolutely love them!

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NEW RELEASE! I’m Hashem’s Messenger

May 3, 2017

“Please talk quietly in the hall—we want to make a kiddush Hashem!”

“Remember not to act wild—it’s important that we make a kiddush Hashem!”

We tell our kids statements like these all the time—it’s always on our lips that they should “make a kiddush Hashem” when they’re out in public.

Now your job just got easier—because there’s a new book you can read to your children on this very subject! I’m Hashem’s Messenger explains, through rhymes, repetition, and of course adorable illustrations, that there’s a special way for Jewish children to behave, especially when in public. Whether at the store, at the park, or when entering a building, there are certain things that Yiddishe kinderlach, as “Hashem’s messengers,” should and should not do.

Watch your kids delight in this fun book—and watch the important lessons sink in!

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