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April 29, 2011

We apologize that due to a technical issue we will not be able to post a new chapter of Beneath the Surface this week.  Check back next week for Chapter Four.

Beneath the Surface – Chapter 3

April 14, 2011

Israel Book Shop presents Chapter 3 of a new online serial novel, Beneath the Surface, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every Thursday or Friday. Click here for previous chapters.

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Brussels, Belgium

Dan was surprised to hear his mother’s footsteps.

“Mama, you’re home?” he asked even before he saw her woolly slippers. “I thought you are supposed to be at the committee dinner now!” His mother was a member of the European Women’s Organization for the Jews of Israel. “Is everything okay? I hope you didn’t catch the virus from me…”

If not for the silly virus that he had contracted, at the busiest time—the end of the semester—he would have been at the university instead of bundled up under two blankets and sipping countless cups of Chinese herbal tea that his devoted mother prepared for him. At least today he was feeling a bit better.

“You’re right. I lost track of the time!” his mother exclaimed. He suddenly noticed the bunch of pages she was clutching in her hand. “I received something in the mail today and was totally engrossed reading it. I really have to leave.”

“Engrossed in reading? Is it something interesting at least?”

“Very. But I’m not finished yet. When I finish I will give it to you. Are you bored?”

“Very.” He ran his fingers on the smooth mahogany buffet. “And I feel much better. I hope I’ll be able to go back to school tomorrow.”

She looked at him sternly. “Dan, what are you talking about? I think you have to stay home until the end of the week, at least. If you go back to your routine too quickly, your body will become very weak.”

“And maybe it’s just that you want me at home?” Dan asked with a sly smile. “Fine. Let’s see how I feel tomorrow.”

“Meanwhile, if you’re bored, you can take this.” His mother proffered the open envelope that was on top of the sheaf of papers in her hand.

“What is that?”

“A letter from Anne.”

“What does she say?”

“Oh, she talks about the children, work, the usual. According to the date, we’ve spoken at least three times on the phone since this was mailed, so I know everything that’s written here. She also sent some photos of the children, mainly of Yehudis and Yitzy.”

“What about Shragi?”

“Read. There’s nothing special here except for the fact that he’s doing very well in yeshivah and they hope to marry him off soon.”

Dan drew the pictures out of the envelope. “How old is he? Twenty-three?”

“Almost, old uncle that you are. And I must say that if twenty-three seems too young for you, thirty-one-and-a-half is just a tad too old for me.” Keep Reading…

JUST RELEASED – Super Social Skills VOL 2!

April 11, 2011

Ask any parents what their most embarrassing moments were, and chances are, they’ll tell you about incidents involving their kids. The time that their child tried to “show off” in front of an important guest that they had… When their child called a friend but didn’t know quite what to say once the friend’s mother answered the phone…

It’s a known fact that many kids need help learning social skills. In fact, it’s quite normal. Kids are not born knowing the appropriate ways to behave around others, and oftentimes they have a hard time picking up the social cues as they grow older, too. As with any skill that we don’t expect our kids to automatically just “know,” social skills very often need to be taught to children. And what better way to do that than with Mrs. Simi Licht’s newest Super Social Skills book?

As with her first book, Mrs. Licht comes armed with four new, adorable, real-life characters, all of whom need help with specific social skills. By reading their stories to your kids, you can actively walk your kids through the process of learning appropriate social skills.

Whether your child needs to learn how to organize himself, or the proper way to express his feelings and opinions, Super Social Skills Vol. 2 has the ability to teach him these skills, and in such a fun way, too! So, go ahead and buy your child—and yourself—a gift you’ll both love: Super Social Skills Vol. 2.

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Beneath the Surface – Chapter 2

April 8, 2011

Israel Book Shop presents Chapter 2 of a new online serial novel, Beneath the Surface, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every Thursday or Friday. Click here for previous chapters.

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Chani’s coffee cup was almost empty, yet she continued—absently—to stir the dregs of the pale liquid.

The slamming of the door shook her out of her tranquil musings.

“Simi?” she called out. Simi was the only one who could be coming in now. Yitzi and Yehudis, usually the first ones to come in, were home already. Shragi was in yeshivah, and Gershon wasn’t expected home for some time yet.

Yes, it was Simi. The tall girl entered the dining room, and the creases that wreathed her forehead indicated that she was angry. Furious, actually.

“Hi, Ima, what’s doing?”

“Everything’s fine, baruch Hashem.” Chani smiled, and then her gaze followed her daughter’s black bag, which had been flung onto the chair with a bang. “What’s doing by you? How did you manage the extra history lesson?”

“Oh, that? It was fine. My hand still hurts from writing so much, but aside from that, it was fine. Interesting, actually.”

“But…?” Chani probed gently.

“Tell me, Ima, are there people who are just born without tact, or does it get lost somewhere in life?”


Simi slumped down onto the sofa, looking at her mother. “I met someone who got me very angry. I don’t remember the last time I got so angry at someone.”

“And what did you do?” Chani asked quietly, motioning for her daughter to lower her voice as well. Faigy, one of the girls who volunteered to work with Yehudis, was in the house. True, the room she and Yehudis were working in was on the other side of the apartment, but loud voices would probably still carry.

“I was quiet, of course. I didn’t see any point in answering her, and believe me, even if I would have wanted to, I don’t know if I would have found the words to express myself.” Simi passed a hand over her forehead tiredly. Keep Reading…

Just Released – Go Bananas!

April 6, 2011

Teens. You gotta love them. Sometimes you think they’re their own brand of creatures with their own lingo (“Whatever.”), their own set of etiquette rules (“You can’t wear the same outfit more than twice in one month.” “Why not?” “Because…because then you’ll be the biggest neb!” “Neb? What’s that?” “Whatever.”), and their own opinions, especially when it comes to what’s “in” and what’s “out.” But contrary to public opinion, teens are not “out to get you”; they’re simply at a stage where they’re trying to find themselves and you, as their parents, may just happen to “be in their way” at the moment, which is why you feel that you are getting the brunt of their teenage-itis symptoms.

In any case, for all those who are wondering when Israel Bookshop blog-writers became parenting experts, the point of all of this is simply to point out that being that teens are their own breed of people in so many ways, they deserve their own breed of literature. And that is where Bracha Goykadosh and her latest book, Go Bananas and other stories, come in.

As her many fans will readily attest, Bracha Goykadosh is the writer when it comes to teens. She has a unique way of writing that talks straight to a teenager’s heart. Is it the way she delves so skillfully into the minds of teenagers, exploring their thoughts and emotions in such an honest, realistic way? Is it perhaps the themes she chooses to write about—subjects that are close to the heart of every junior-high- and high-school-aged kid? Whatever it is, there is a good reason why Bracha Goykadosh is such a popular writer for teens in so many magazines and publications.

Go Bananas and other stories is a collection of more than twenty-five of Bracha Goykadosh’s best stories. You will relate to the characters in this book—kids and teens of all ages and stages—as well as to their personal struggles and challenges. You will share their hopes and fears, and cheer for them when they triumph.

Go Bananas and other stories is an excellent way to show your appreciation to those special teens in your life. If you are looking for a gift that they will go bananas over, this is the book you want to buy.

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Beneath the Surface – Chapter 1

April 1, 2011

Israel Book Shop presents Chapter 1 of a new online serial novel, Beneath the Surface, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every Thursday or Friday.

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Two o’clock p.m. The ringing phone cut into the baby’s loud wails.

“Hello? Is this the Cohen residence? Is Chagit home? Thank you.”

The man who had answered the phone covered the mouthpiece with his hand. “Chagit, telephone.”

The young woman hurried to the phone.

“Hello, Chagit? This is Mrs. Ostfeld. Remember me? We spoke two days ago, about the Feder girl.”

“Yes, of course,” Chagit replied as she jiggled the baby in her arms.

A moment’s silence.

“So, like this… We, uh, heard some very good things, and I appreciate the effort, but it’s not for us.”

“Oh…” Chagit was disappointed. “I understand. Oh, well. If I have any other ideas I’ll be in touch.”

The conversation ended.

“Is everything okay, Chagit?” her husband asked.

“Not at all. They’re not interested. How do people do this?” Chagit was irritated. She was sure that this time, her idea had been right on the mark! This mother thought far too highly of herself. So what if she had a top boy? Had she forgotten her background?

“Don’t take it to heart, Chagit. I warned you that it’s very hard to get past the inquiries stage with them. The Ostfelds are very thorough, and it’s their right. Shragi really is a star!”

“These descriptions get on my nerves,” Chagit whispered. The baby had finally fallen asleep. “How is it possible that all the twenty-one-year-old-plus bachurim in yeshivos suddenly become terrific lamdanim, have hearts of gold, and of course there isn’t a single fat one among them? They’re all just ‘full’. And they are so full of themselves… And their mothers? Forget it! Well,” she laughed bitterly, “if they’re all such stars, then they have all the reason in the world to feel like they’re in the sky!” Keep Reading…