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June 23, 2014




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Book Lovers’ Event of the Year!

February 4, 2014


It’s not often that one is offered quality Jewish books at 70% off or more. Multiply that by 101 titles, and you have one mega savings event going on! Israel Bookshop’s Winter Warehouse Sale is in progress now, thru February 28, 2014. Fantastic savings on over a hundred great titles – novels, inspirational reading, cookbooks, halachah, you name it – there’s something on this list for every member of the family. Books regularly $24.95 are now only $6.99… Bar Mitzvah gifts regularly $30, now on sale for $15. Stock up and save! Shop online from the comfort of your own home, or visit a participating bookstore. Warm yourself up with a great new assortment of books, courtesy of Israel Bookshop’s Winter Warehouse Sale, going on right now at

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In Honor of the 10th Yahrzeit of Rabbi Avigdor Miller zt”l

May 1, 2011

THE UNIVERSE TESTIFIES is a sampling of some of the Rav’s classic teachings on the study of Creation and the myth of evolution. As a zechus for his neshamah, and an introduction to the unique worldview that Rav Miller represented, Israel Bookshop Publications is proud to offer this 128 page, hardcover sefer – sold for $12.95 in Judaica bookstores absolutely free by mail (+s/h), with purchase of any other Israel Bookshop title(s) totaling $20 or more.

Whether you are a seasoned student of the Rav, or you have never yet experienced the Torah of Rav Miller zt”l, now is the time to enjoy his original writing for FREE!

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To order your free sefer by mail click here for a coupon.  Please mail back the coupon with your store receipt showing a purchase of $20 or more of Israel Bookshop Publications titles along with a check for $3 shipping and handling. Our address is:

Israel Bookshop Publications
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Offer ends Lag Ba’Omer, May 22, 2011


[Mr. Goodfriend (G) is entertaining Eliezer (E) and his younger brother Aaron (A) on the back porch. Watermelon is being served.]

G.            Last year I visited a farm… and I saw watermelons growing alongside the steps of the… workers’ cottages.

A.            Why did they plant them near the steps?

G.            They did not. In the evenings they had held watermelon feasts on their steps and the slippery seeds had shot in all directions just as they do here. That is the purpose of their slipperiness.

A.            Do you say that they are purposefully slippery? Is that not merely due to the moisture of the melon?

G.            Rub the melon juice [water] between your fingers: it is not slippery. The seeds are coated with slippery mucus which causes them to fly out under pressure. Keep Reading…

Gift Set Sale

November 15, 2010

Two is better than one—and this is especially so regarding our one-of-a-kind “Better Together” Gift Set Sale. With this special deal, you can buy a gift set comprised of 2 books, one brand new release and another, older title, from the same author, at an incredibly discounted price: the first book is 20% off the retail price, and the second one is 50% off!

Each gift set is shrink-wrapped and handsomely packaged, making it the ideal Chanukah present to give to those book-lovers in your life. Whether you choose to buy The Gourmet Gift Set (The Dairy Gourmet and The At Home Gourmet), the Junior Chaverim gift set (Junior Chaverim vol. 1 and 2), The Funny Things They Say gift set (vol. 2 and 3), author Shaindy Perl’s gift set (Blueprints and Loyal Soldier), or author Menucha Chana Levin’s gift set (The Castle Builders and The Youngest Bride)—or them all!—you’ll be delighted with your metziah: top-notch reading at top-notch discounts.


Jr. Chaverim vol. 2

November 15, 2010

It’s action! It’s adventure! It’s chessed at its best! It’s…Junior Chaverim Vol. 2!

When Junior Chaverim Vol. 1 was released last year, kids all over the world—especially pre-teenaged ones—immediately became hooked to the fun and spirited Junior Chaverim members in the book. Who could resist the antics and adventures of forgetful Yochanan, mechanical whiz Pinchas, and all their fellow Junior Chaverim friends, as they set out trying to do chessed with others?

The good news is that Junior Chaverim Vol. 2 has just been released. And the even better news is that it is available at a fantastic deal when you buy it as a gift set together with Vol. 1! That’s right. Our “Better Together” sale allows you to buy both of these great books, shrink-wrapped together into a handsome gift set, at an incredible discount of 20% off the first book and 50% (!) off the second! Now you can buy your kids a Chanukah present you know they will love, in an affordable way!

And…psst! A little secret… Junior Chaverim Vol. 2 contains the info about a special offer for kids to form their own Junior Chaverim clubs…and get a chance to have their story featured in the next Junior Chaverim book!

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Blueprints – IN STORES NOW!

November 11, 2010

If you’re a serious reader, you know her name. Shaindy Perl—popular author/editor of bestselling books Tell the World, Loyal Soldier, My Life on Wheels, and Struggle to the Summit. Well, she’s back again, folks, and this time you’re in for a really big treat, as she prepares to release her very first novel, Blueprints!

This is one novel you just have to buy. Beautifully written, with characters so complex and so real you almost feel you know them, and an emotionally charged, mesmerizing plot—what more could you ask for in a novel? Besides that it should be free, of course.

Well, we can’t exactly do that, but what we can do for you is give you an amazing buy on this brand new book, when you get it as a gift set together with Loyal Soldier, Shaindy Perl’s award-winning biography of a Jewish soldier who fought in the Vietnam War. The two books together make a great Chanukah gift for someone who, like you, loves to read, and the “Better Together” deal, where the first book is 20% off and the second one is 50% off (yes, you read that correctly), will ensure that you don’t feel the strain on your pocketbook, either!

So off you go, fans of Shaindy Perl, and take advantage of THE sale of the season, with the Better Together Gift Set of these two fantastic books!

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The Gourmet Gift Set

November 10, 2010

Which Jewish woman worth her weight in homemade donuts and latkes can resist a new addition to her cookbook collection? And when that cookbook’s author is none other than Sarah Lasry, well-known cooking aficionado and food editor of the Binah magazine, well, you may as well throw in two of them!

That’s what our Gourmet Gift Set is about: providing those lucky enough to receive it as a Chanukah gift, with two smashing cookbooks—The Dairy Gourmet and The At Home Gourmet. Both cookbooks are easy-to-follow and breathtakingly beautiful, with a full-color photo to match each delicious recipe. And did we mention that when you buy the 2 cookbooks as a set, your savings increase dramatically, too? The first cookbook is 20% off, and the second one is 50% off!

Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind sale, and buy our Gourmet Gift Set for that special someone in your life—or, better yet, buy one for her, and then sneak one for yourself, too! Your family and guests will taste one bite of your food, and thank you for doing it!

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50% Off Mission Possible

July 6, 2010

It’s the classic case: You had a flight to catch for an extremely important visit or appointment somewhere, and you were running late—and missed the flight. And the flight did not crash.

Why me?! you think to yourself. Why did this have to happen to me?

Of course, when the stakes are higher, and the challenges and ordeals that arise are of even greater proportions, the question “Why me?” can become even stronger and more painful. How are we, as believing Jews, supposed to view challenges in life? How are we to strengthen our emunah and bitachon in Hashem when faced with adversity?

In Mission Possible!, popular and beloved author Rabbi Eliezer Parkoff, a rosh yeshivah in Jerusalem, provides us with valuable insight into this critical area. Using Talmudic sources, divrei Torah, and true stories, Rabbi Parkoff gives us a glimpse into the purpose of life’s challenges, helping us understand the function of suffering in this world. The second part of the book is an English adaptation of the Malbim’s introduction to his commentary on Sefer Iyov, which, as is well-known, is the classic work on human suffering. The Malbim probes this topic in depth, providing a firm hashkafic foundation for all, on how to view challenges and affliction.

As we mourn the Churban Beis Hamikdash during this time period of the Three Weeks, Mission Possible! is the perfect book to turn to for comfort, strength, and inspiration. It will completely transform your understanding of nisyonos in this world—and will transform you, too, in the process!

ONLINE ONLY SPECIAL: Mission Possible will be available at a special discount of 50% through the three weeks.


June 2, 2010

In addition to 20% savings, purchase any two books from our 500+ titles, and receive a great book from the following list, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Choose your free book:

1.    3-D Files: Prisoner on the Loose
2.    Adventures of the Gimmel Gang IV: Triple Trouble
3.    Adventures of the Levy Family: Zeesl’s Shining Moment
4.    Lay-Lay Middos Series #1: The Pekalah Problem (Sharing)
5.    Mendel the Mouse: Happy Birthday
6.    Ten and a Kid
7.    Two and a Tevi #1: Double Pursuit
8.    Two and a Tevi #2: Firecracker War
9.    Two Kings 2: It’s My Turn
10.    Ying-Ling Does Mitzvot
11.    Bridging the Golden Gate
12.    Denver Dreams
13.    From Bogota to Madrid to Jerusalem
14.    Hidden in the Deep
15.    Rose Among Thorns
16.    The Cliff Line
17.    The Map Seeker
18.    The Youngest Bride
19.    Transfused with Hope
20.    What Lies Within

Offer details: choose any two books (can be two copies of the same title) from our line – (check our website or call our office to request a complete listing of titles), purchase direct or from any retailer of your choice between the dates listed above, send us the original itemized store receipt(s) indicating purchase (copies not accepted), and the title that you wish to receive for free. We will mail your free copies within 4-6 weeks. No limit – for every two books purchased (may not combine with other people) you are eligible for 1 free book from the list! While supplies last. Please include $3.00 per book for shipping & handling in the continental USA. Orders will not be processed without S&H fee. Free book requests must be received in our office by July 31, 2010. Website orders please insert “comment” upon checkout, indicating your choice of free book, you will be asked to send the $3 S&H fee separately.

50% off Peace in Your Palace

June 1, 2010

Lace, tulle, or satin on the gown? Farberware or Calphalon pots? A Shevy or a Kiki wig? A basement apartment (you have your own washer and dryer) or an apartment in a building (you have a built-in social life)? These are the decisions and subjects on the mind of a happy kallah.

Okay, so those are not the only topics on her mind. Hopefully, in addition to all the fun (and exhausting!) materialistic preparations for her upcoming wedding, she’s preparing spiritually for married life, too. And with Peace in Your Palace on her night table, she’s sure to begin her new marriage on the right foot.

Peace in Your Palace is the English translation of the best-selling Shalvah B’armenosayich, which has had several re-printings, in addition to being translated into Yiddish, too. It is the book containing the blueprints for how to build the most magnificent edifice—your very own bayis ne’eman b’Yisrael. Chock-full with real-life stories, wisdom and sayings of our Torah leaders, and practical advice for the Jewish wife, this book will enhance any marriage.

The book is available here for special 50% discount until June 11th.

Here’s a short excerpt:

Protecting Yourself

As the Chafetz Chaim noted, a person should never speak negatively about himself. Even within your own home, not every mistake or failure needs to be reported. Sometimes it’s best to keep those minor errors to yourself.

The newlyweds were leisurely opening their wedding presents in their new apartment. Shoshana carefully put the pretty set of dishes away in a kitchen cupboard. She couldn’t wait to use them at their first home-cooked meal.

To her dismay, as she was washing the dishes the following night, a plate slipped out of her hands and crashed against the bottom of the sink. Shoshana picked it up quickly, but it was too late—three ugly, jagged pieces were all that remained of the plate. Keep Reading…