RECENT RELEASE! Exploring the Wisdom and Wonders of the Universe with Professor Noe Ital

January 20, 2015

L705You know you’ve reached a certain stage when your four-year-old begins asking you questions like, “Why are tomatoes red?” or “Where does the sun go at night?” or “How am I able to see my face in the water?” But all you do is give your child an indulgent smile and say, “That’s a good question—maybe we’ll ask Tatty later. Now please finish your supper.”

You know you’ve reached a certain Stage when your ten-year-old begins asking you these same questions and your dismissive answers aren’t accepted all that easily anymore. Now you can’t wait till Tatty comes home so you can put the onus of answering on him; your child will pester you and pester you until you come up with some kind of response for him yourself.

So, what’s a parent to do in this situation? Well, the way I see it, you have one of two options: you can either read Exploring the Wisdom and Wonders of the Universe with Professor Noe Ital yourself and obtain the answers to your child’s questions like that, or you can give the book to your child, so he can read the answers for himself!

In this book, Efraim Harari, acclaimed author of the “Jewish World of Wonders” series, tackles many oft-wondered-about questions relating to ten fascinating fields of science. Together with Professor Noe Ital (you’ll need to read the book to find out who he is), readers will explore space, plants, Earth, the weather, medicine, and much more—and emerge with a clear understanding of many of the how’s and why’s of what goes on in our amazing universe.

If you’re one of the many fans of Harari’s Exploring the Wild World of Animals and Exploring the Wet and Wild Underwater World, you’ll find the fun facts, Torah Tidbits, and joke sections to be pleasurably familiar…and just plain fun! This book makes a terrific gift for kids—and adults—of all ages, and we do mean that, so don’t be surprised to find yourself waiting impatiently for your child to go to bed so you can sneak the book from his room and indulge in it yourself!

Exploring the Wisdom and Wonders of the Universe has just hit the bookstores—so what are you dawdling for? Don’t wait until your kids bombard you with their questions during supper one night—go out and get this book today so you can be prepared!

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