Night Flower – Chapter 19

April 30, 2018

Israel Book Shop presents Chapter 19 of a new online serial novel, Night Flower, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every week.  Click here for previous chapters.

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“Hey, Podernik!” It was Pavel again, knocking on the glass partition in the office even before the investigator had had time to take off his beaver fur coat. “Did you hear that someone left something for you with the secretary? Someone from the Financial Crimes Investigation Unit came down here from the seventh floor especially for you.”

“The privacy here is amazing.” Josef gritted his teeth and picked up the internal phone line. “Sasha? I heard that you have something for me?”

“I didn’t see you coming in,” the secretary apologized. “Twenty seconds and you’ll have it. It’s a short video clip, they said.”

Josef took his coat off and hung it up. “Get me Bernie on the line again,” he instructed.

The two things happened simultaneously: Bernie answered the phone, and at the same moment the new piece of evidence arrived. Podernik gazed at his desk, his brow furrowed. “I got what you sent me, Bernie,” he said. “What is it?”

“Did you look at it yet?” Bernie sounded very proud of himself.

“No, I haven’t.”

“So look at it first and then we’ll talk. It’s very good material for the trial.”

“What is it?” the investigator repeated, like a student having trouble comprehending.

“Why are you so suspicious?” Keep Reading…

NEW RELEASE! Out of the Box

April 24, 2018

Imagine that you meet someone who has never seen an apple before. Maybe an alien who finally proved conspiracy theorists right and landed from some faraway planet. Now this newcomer asks you to describe an apple to him, and since you are a nice, friendly person, you are happy to oblige.

Since this alien has no idea what an apple looks like, you will need to give vivid descriptions so that he can visualize the apple and understand what you are describing.

“An apple is round and often red,” you might explain. “It is about the size of a tennis ball. Its skin is smooth and shiny and the flesh is white and crispy, with a sweet, juicy taste.”

If you think about it, the above explanation is little more than a list of “stereotypes” that will allow your student to recognize an apple. In the same way, the Enneagram personality system, a fascinating method that allows you to understand the various types of personalities that exist in our world, begins by listing descriptions about each type. This stereotyping is necessary to allow you to recognize the behaviors and motivations of each number in the system.

But learning about the Enneagram does not simply put people in boxes.

Say you want to reward your student for his attentiveness during the apple lesson. He has listened closely to all your descriptions and can now perfectly describe an apple to you. You invite him to your home and serve him a slice of freshly-baked apple pie. With a glass of ice-cold apple juice, of course!

“Delicious!” he exclaims.

“I’m glad you enjoyed my apple pie,” you say. “In fact, that drink is made of apples too!”

“That’s ridiculous!” the alien exclaims. “How can this be apple pie? It’s doesn’t look or taste anything like that crispy red apple that you described. And apple juice? That’s preposterous! Since when are apples liquid!?”

So you patiently explain: “The apple that I described is the fruit in its simplest form. However, that apple can be developed into many interesting and tasty dishes. We can take the apple and cut it, grate it or squeeze it. We can add different ingredients to enhance the taste. Once you will understand the essence of the apple—you will become familiar with its unique taste—you will be able to recognize it even when it appears in different forms. You will know you are eating an apple even if it’s in the form of a baked apple, an apple pie, or even apple juice!”

Indeed, the same is true with Enneagram types. Though the stereotypes are necessary to learn about the different personalities, they are in no way meant to limit you. You can choose to read the Enneagram type descriptions and simply enjoy the thrill of recognizing yourself. However, a true student of the Enneagram understands that this system is meant to provide you with the awareness you need to grow out of the box that limits you. The Enneagram is a wonderful tool for guiding you in the areas you need to develop so that you can become a healthier, more balanced person.

As you grow and add different “ingredients” to your personality—you integrate traits that bring balance to the rigid stereotype—you will turn into apple pie, applesauce, or some other enhanced form of the original “apple.” True, you will retain the basic characteristics of your number, but you will behave very differently from those of the same type who have achieved little growth.

(Adapted from Chapter One of Out of the Box)

This, folks, is why the book Out of the Box is not merely a fascinating read (though it is that, too!), but a positively life-transformational tool for the thinking person. Not only will this book teach you who you are, but also who you can be—how you can use your own individuality and personality to be the best friend/spouse/parent/employee/etc. possible.

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Night Flower – Chapter 18

April 23, 2018

Israel Book Shop presents Chapter 18 of a new online serial novel, Night Flower, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every week.  Click here for previous chapters.

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Long after Prisoner Struk had left, Josef Podernik, the interrogator, sat and toyed with the ashtray on the table. He didn’t exchange a word with the interpreter, who, commendably, waited in silence.

“So, it’s like this,” the interrogator said suddenly, after twenty minutes of thought. He rose to his feet. “Get me a transcript of today’s interrogation in Russian and in English, but put it in Rosenberg’s file, not the Jew’s file. Right now I don’t want it to fall into his lawyers’ hands.”

Two hours later, he was already in his office in the C.K.P. building, the location of the Russian Federation’s investigation commission on Bauman Street in Moscow. “Get me Bernie from the Financial Crimes Investigation Unit,” he ordered the secretary and went into his cubicle. There, surrounded by glass partitions, he sat down in front of his computer. He clasped his short beard in his closed fist.

“What’s happening, Josef?” Pavel, his neighbor to the left, knocked on the partition. Keep Reading…

Night Flower – Chapter 17

April 16, 2018

Israel Book Shop presents Chapter 17 of a new online serial novel, Night Flower, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every week.  Click here for previous chapters.

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“Miri, do you have paper clips?” Elka was in a big hurry. “No, not those small colorful ones—the big metal ones. Do you have any?”

Miri opened another drawer, her lips pursed. “No,” she said a moment later. “This is all I have.”

“Are you angry at me, Miri?”

Miri looked up in surprise. “I…” she stammered. “No. I mean… Maybe Chaiky has what to be angry about. I was always just a secretary.”

“You were never ‘just’ a secretary,” Elka vouched warmly. “You are a very special and dedicated worker, Miri, and I’ve told you that more than once. And Chaiky? Chaiky has no reason to be angry at me.”

“She doesn’t?”

“There’s no reason. I’m assuming this would be because of Noa coming to work here, right? Well, Noa is a very special girl, and I don’t know how much you appreciate her sacrifices and the steps she has taken, and that she is still taking…” She hesitated for a moment. “And without speaking lashon hara, Chaiky is not functioning at her full capacity right now, so it’s very convenient for me that Noa is around.” She looked toward Chaiky’s small office. Today it was locked. Chaiky wasn’t in there and neither was Noa, whom Elka often asked to “take care of a few things in the system” and “to make a few phone calls that Miri doesn’t have time for.”

“And you should know that Noa is actually very considerate.” Elka didn’t look directly at Miri, but rather at a small flowering plant on her desk. “For example, I never thought that maybe it bothers Chaiky that when she’s not around people go into the room that ostensibly belongs to her. But this morning Noa told me that she prefers not to do it anymore, because it might cause tension between her and Chaiky. She has the new computer in the library now anyway, so she can work on that from now on.”

Miri nodded noncommittally. She didn’t know why, but Noa’s “kind consideration” didn’t quite impress her. Keep Reading…

Night Flower – Chapter 16

April 9, 2018

Israel Book Shop presents Chapter 16 of a new online serial novel, Night Flower, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every week.  Click here for previous chapters.

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The children fidgeted excitedly near the counter. It was no wonder; when was the last time they had seen their mother take out the mixer? Eight eggs, separated. One and a half cups of sugar into the beaten egg whites. A cup of orange juice. A cup of oi—no oil.

Oy.” Chaiky closed the cabinet. “We’re out of oil. Umm…what should we do?” This never used to happen to her. She couldn’t remember herself ever taking out the mixer before making sure she had all the ingredients she needed. But for this cake she had just mentally reviewed the recipe in her mind and decided that there was nothing she should be out of. Apparently, though, there was no more oil in the house.

“So I won’t have a cake for my siyum?” Naomi’s face fell.

“There will be a cake, b’ezras Hashem, don’t worry. Dovi, go down to the Pessermans and ask them for a cup of oil.” She lowered the speed of the mixer. One of her aunts had once taught her that beating the eggs at the lowest speed was the same as folding them with a spatula.

He returned after a few minutes. “They don’t have any,” he said.

Chaiky glanced at Naomi’s face and then at the foamy eggs that wouldn’t stay stiff much longer. She switched off the mixer and quickly untied her apron. “Wait here nicely, kids, and don’t touch anything. I’m running to the corner grocery to buy oil, and I’ll be right back. Naomi! If you lick too much of the batter, the sefer cake is going to be very low.” Keep Reading…