October 13, 2016

cod1In today’s day and age, it sometimes seems that anyone and his brother can write a novel. Think up a few good characters and their quirks, add some danger to the mix (a terrorist, car crash, or trip to the Emergency Room usually works well for that), throw in a shidduch or two (what’s a good Jewish novel without that?)—and voila! The next bestselling thriller, at your fingertips, with your very own name on the front cover! Easy as pie, nothing to it, right?

Um…not exactly. Chances are, a book like that would be exactly that: nothing to it! The plot would be clichéd, the characters stereotypical and two-dimensional, the writing style would be flat.

In short, nothing at all like the vibrant fiction writing of Yitzchak Goldman. Especially in his book Code One.

This, folks, is a book whose fine writing style fairly sings; whose intricate plot is so well-researched and authentic, you wonder if it is true (FYI, it is not, although all the historical background and details are accurate); whose characters are so sharply defined, you’re sure you must have met them somewhere before (FYI, you did not, as they are all fictional—though I bet you’re secretly wishing you could meet Gerald Moore; he’s definitely my favorite character in the book!).

Sometimes bloggers tends to exaggerate, but believe me, I’m not inflating anything here. Truly, if you’re looking for quality Jewish fiction at its best, you needn’t look any further than Goldman’s latest and greatest thriller, a book that spans continents, generations, and readership: Code One.

You’ve got the book in your hands? Good. And so we dim the lights, begin the music, and lift the curtains… And now, please sit back, relax, and enjoy, as a skilled novelist takes you on a most exhilarating and unforgettable reading experience…

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