Night Flower – Chapter 55

January 14, 2019

Israel Book Shop presents Chapter 55 of a new online serial novel, Night Flower, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every week.  Click here for previous chapters.

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“What’s the matter, sweetie? Why are you crying?” Rachel was pushing Yisrael Meir’s carriage around and around the dining room table. “Are you hungry? Do you want your Ima? Maybe your Abba? How about a bottle?”

But the baby didn’t seem to want anything except to cry.

Oy!” Rachel fretted as the phone began to ring. “It must be your mother, and she’ll be very upset to hear you’re not happy. She was so glad to hear before that you were sleeping so that she could go shopping with Naomi! Isn’t it a shame?”

The phone kept ringing.

“There’s no choice,” she announced to the world. “We’ll pick up.” And she pulled the carriage over to the phone.



Night Flower – Chapter 54

January 7, 2019

Israel Book Shop presents Chapter 54 of a new online serial novel, Night Flower, by Esther Rapaport. Check back for a new chapter every week.  Click here for previous chapters.

Copyright © Israel Bookshop Publications. 


 Noa had always liked the scent of strawberries. There was something calming about it for her. When Mira Brodsky had wanted to treat her, she would look for little strawberry scented soaps for Noa to decorate her room with.

Noa clearly remembered the last soap she had received. It was big, shaped like the Eiffel Tower, and its scent was so strong that little Chaya’le had been sure that it was a giant candy and had bitten off the tip.

The bitten-off soap had accompanied Noa to the Yadovsky household, and even when she fell out of favor with them and began her many wanderings, she took it with her. When had it disappeared? It was hard for Noa to recall. It had been several years since she’d lost it, but when its scent or something similar tickled her nostrils, it evoked in Noa memories of Chaya’le wailing, “Yuck, it’s so bitter! It’s so bitter!”

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RECENT RELEASE: You’ll Be A Survivor

January 1, 2019

Random question: If you were able to somehow return to your high school days, would you?
I didn’t think so.

And, by the way, it’s not like I had a miserable high school experience. Baruch Hashem I was a good student, and I had my circle of friends. Yes, I admit to being studious and letting the heavy homework load and test schedule drive me just a little bit batty—but I don’t think that’s why I wouldn’t want to go back to being a high school student.

It’s the politics that come along with high school. The intensity of it all. The fear of being seen walking to the drinking fountain alone (Will people think I don’t have friends?); the hyperventilating if you find yourself wearing the wrong kind of ensemble for School Shabbos; the self-consciousness of eating a piece of cake in public, because what if people think I don’t care about my weight? And on and on… It’s enough to drive a mature adult really batty!

So yeah, I’m glad those high school years are over and done with, and we’re on to bigger and better things in life.

But sometimes, it’s good to be reminded of what exactly high school life is all about, even if only to be grateful that you’re no longer in that era. And if you are a high school girl still in the thick of those years, it’s incredibly validating to read an outsider’s perspective of it.

That’s why I think You’ll Be a Survivor is such a phenomenal book. In this novel, where the main characters are a tenth grader and a twelfth grader, the author really gets it. She gets the whole peer pressure syndrome, the need for friends’ validation…everything that goes into being a modern-day high school girl. And she takes that knowledge and creates an emotional  and suspenseful storyline around it. The book is incredibly relatable, and pulses with real-life drama in a way that truly touches the reader, no matter what stage of life she may be at.

Take my word for it: if you’re a teenager, or the mother of one, or even if you’re neither—you’ll love You’ll Be a Survivor.

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