NEW RELEASE! Kosher Classics

May 23, 2016

L788Move over, old cookbooks on the kitchen shelf! A handsome new member is about to enter the ranks—and it sure promises to be a winner! 

Kosher Classics, a stunning, full-size cookbook with 300+ recipes by nutritionist and’s popular recipe contributor Gitta Bixenspanner, is sure going to expand your repertoire of delicious dishes to serve up to your family! This is no ordinary cookbook, folks. In Kosher Classics, Gitta takes us through the complete Jewish year, offering recipes for each and every month, season, and holiday. You’ll find comforting and nourishing soups and easy crock-pot dinners for the cold month of December, along with new spins on Chanukah recipes, like Creamy Cauliflower Latkes, Savory Sweet Potato Latkes, and Spiced Sugar Donuts with a Twist; and great Sukkos and autumn recipes, like Yapchik, Quinoa-Olive Medley, and Versatile Shlishkes, for the months of October and November. And of course we’ve got you covered for all of your Shavuos seudos. Check out the May/Shavuos section, where you’ll find recipes from “Flower” Water Challah and Cool Cherry Apple Soup to Spring Oriental Slaw and Maple Salmon Fillet …and let’s not forget dessert: Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl Cheesecake, Scrumptious Amaretto Cheesecake, or Almond Butter Squares!

Gitta’s recipes are all practical and straightforward; you won’t need to run around buying any outlandish ingredients for them. And as a nutritionist, Gitta lends a healthful slant to many of the recipes, too. But the most amazing thing about this cookbook is how absolutely yummy these recipes are! 

Kosher Classics makes an impressive gift, whether for a hardworking wife after Shavuos (or before—if you want to gain off the deal during Yom Tov, too!) or for a dedicated teacher at the end of the school year. Of course you can also treat yourself, too. Then, you can assuage any guilt about that by whipping up a couple of nice dishes from the cookbook for your family. Like that, you know your splurge is benefitting the entire mishpachah!

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