Gift Guide

With Chanukah almost upon us, and many people looking to their local Judaica store for gift purchasing, here’s a quick list of new books as well as a few classics to help you match the appropriate gift to the right recipient. (Remember, you get 20% off by purchasing from our website or from participating retailers!)

Kids Ages 3-6

NEW Two Kings 2

NEW Super Social Skills

The Pekelah Problem

Beckerman Books: My Middos World Series, My Smiling World Series

The Parsha with Rabbi Juravel

Our Beautiful World / The Very First Rainbow

Kids Ages 7-11

NEW Kid Power (Social Skills)

NEW Special Delivery

The Funny Things They Say!

A Journey with Rabbi Juravel Series

Two and a Tevi

Mendel the Mouse

Parsha Pearls


Channah’s New World

Zeesl’s Shining Moment

Exiled Down Under

Ten and a Kid

Adults / Teens

NEW Shadows on the Moon

NEW Legacy of Leaders II

NEW Through Your Hands-The complete story of Chanukah

NEW A Clever Title Goes Here

NEW Sifsei Chachomim Chumash

NEW Shabbos Not a Day of Rest

NEW Shabbos in a New Light

Diamond in the Rough


For Her

NEW Cooking with Color

Understanding Your Child’s Health

NEW Balabusta’s Daily Organizer

NEW Peace in Your Palace

NEW Atara Malach Lectures: Adolescence Series

Adventures in the Produce Aisle

The Dairy Gourmet

The Kosher Palette

The Culinary Connoisseur

For Him

NEW Hilchos Shabbos B’Shabbato

Dirshu Mishna Berurah Vols. 1& 2


Of General Interest

NEW Emergencies in Halachah

A Time to Laugh; A Time to Listen

The Lost Scotch

Heroes of Spirit

My Life on Wheels

The Code of Jewish Conduct

Gift Sets

Metsudah Kitzur Shulchan Aruch

Metsudah Chumash/Rashi

Kav Hayashar Hebrew/English

Metsudah Midrash Tanchuma

Ma’ayanah shel Torah in English


Taryag Encyclopedia

Fundamentals of the Rambam

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