A Letter from a Reader

I recently visited your blog called The Next Page. First, I want to commend you on your excellent work in publishing wholesome Jewish books for the whole family. As an avid reader, I have watched your company grow over the years and I have been impressed with your choice of publications.

What I want to comment on, and I hope all of your readers take me seriously, is: Mi K’amcha Yisroel!!! When I read through the hundreds of answers you have received to your question “Do Jewish Books Require a Hechsher?”, I am astounded. One after the other after the other, people took the time to try to put into words their thoughts and opinions on a matter of chinuch that is important not only to their children but to themselves…. Without going into the actual question, of which response is right and which is wrong, the mere fact that the response has been so overwhelming, and so passionate, shows us, and shows Hashem that – Your people care! They are interested in doing what’s right for their own neshamos and for the proper upbringing of their children al pi derech haTorah….

Regardless of whether such a rating system will be employed or not, we can all feel a little better in knowing that – WE CARE! Ultimately, what counts in Shamayim, and the real success in Chinuch Habanim, is just that: the fact that one cares, and really tries…..

May we be zoche that the next book that comes out, will be the one commemorating the bias haMashiach, bimheirah b’yameinu Amen!

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