Come for the Polls and the Prizes, stay for the posts!

Welcome to the Israel Book Shop Publications blog, a new way for Israel Book Shop to connect with readers of the best Jewish books available! The blog features previews and excerpts of recent and popular books, reviews and opinions, and of course, our feedback topics and polls, where we want to hear from you! Whichever of these brought you here, feel free to stick around and check out the others. Read a chapter from one of our recent bestsellers, and let the author know how you feel about it. Vote in our poll, give us your opinion on the pressing questions of the day, and you’ll be automatically entered into our raffles.  Disagree with one of the comments? You can comment on comments, too, and your opinion will post right where it belongs, underneath the comment. Get to know Israel Book Shop, and let us get to know you. Start by reading (and feedback-ing) below!

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