The Top Ten

Chanuka is when Jewish publishers, including Israel Book Shop Publications,  release many of their new books. This year in particular, there were many exciting new releases in Judaica stores, many of them innovative and eye catching.  Which books  were the most popular? After polling some of the busiest Judaica stores, who consulted their sales reports, here is our unbiased top ten Judaica book list from the past few weeks and the Chanuka season.  Stay tuned for the kids’ top ten,  and the top five CDs too, coming soon, IY’H! (Note: an ↑ means the book is newer and has been climbing the list, a ↓ means the book is not as new and has been descending.

Title Author Publisher Genre ↑↓
Rabbi Sherer Yonason Rosenblum Artscroll – Mesorah Biography
Cooking With Color Estee Kafra Israel Book Shop Publications Cookbook
Diamond in the Rough Esther Rapaport Israel Book Shop Publications Novel
Breaking Free Riva Pomerantz Targum Press Novel
A Touch of Inspiration Rabbi Yechiel Spero Artscroll – Mesorah Short Stories
Emergencies in Halacha Rabbi Moshe Rotberg Israel Book Shop Publications Halachah
Dessert Time Rivky Katz Judaica Press Cookbook
Too Beautiful Hanoch Teller Feldheim Short Stories
Reb Baruch Ber Rabbi Chaim Shlomo Rosenthal Feldheim Biography
Aleinu L’Shabeiach Rabbi Yitzchok Zilberstein Artscroll – Mesorah Torah

Honorable mention: Triangle of Despair↓, In Forest Fields, The Beit Hamikdash, A Clever Title Goes Here↑.

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