Special Delivery Vol. 2 – Shema

On the heels of the successful release of Special Delivery 1 (Birchos Hashachar), it was hardly surprising that Special Delivery 2—on the Shema—hit the shelves of the bookstores so soon afterward. There’s something so beautiful about this series, so irresistible, that you just want to buy each Special Delivery book for your kids. These books are simply gorgeous! Each illustration is so striking and realistic, it can take your breath away to just look at them! Of course, the content of the books is of the highest caliber; doesn’t every parent dream of teaching his or her children the beauty and the meaning of the tefillos we say each day? And when the lessons are being served up to your children in such an appealing way, with  these stunning full-colored pictures, your kids are sure to love these books as much as you’ll love them.  Click here for some sample pages.

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