Adventures of the Levy Family 1&2

It’s another one of those long Shabbos afternoons, and your eleven-year-old is at it again:

“Ma, I’m so BORED. What should I do?”

You: “Why don’t you go read a book, dear?”

She: “All the books in this house are so BORING. They’re all written for adults and have nothing interesting in them for me.”

At this point you start fumbling with your lines, wondering how to respond (you must not have done a good enough job memorizing your script!). Maybe your kid does have a point there. It’s true that the amount of quality Jewish literature out there—novels, short stories, biographies, and everything in between—has grown in recent years by leaps and bounds, at least compared to how it used to be a mere decade or two ago. But to find quality literature appropriate for and of interest to a preteen-aged kid—now that still presents a challenge.

That’s why The Adventures of the Levy Family series is such a breath of fresh air. Each historical novel in this series is fun and exciting as it is educational, and your kids will just devour these books. Whether in Channah’s New World, where they’ll read with bated breath about the terrifying and dangerous flood that threatens Channah’s family in Johnstown, PA, or in Zeesl’s Shining Moment, where they’ll relate to fifteen-year-old Zeesl ‘s  trepidation and anticipation at landing a teaching job in Woodland, New Jersey, the books in The Adventures of the Levy Family series will keep your kids spellbound and coming back for more!

Buy these books for your kids. Your kids will thank you, and best of all, you’ll have found a solution to the “Ma, I’m so bored”-Shabbos-afternoon problem!

Here’s what one reader, a Principal of a Lakewood elementary school had to say:

“…I started to read the book Friday night I was bored after the meal.  I couldn’t put it down!! Her articulation is superb!  I could see the laundry hanging out of the window in the Lower East Side.  I could feel scared with the kids re the Halloween party and I am an adult!  Could I get a list of books she has written? My girls love her as well…”

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