In addition to 20% savings, purchase any two books from our 500+ titles, and receive a great book from the following list, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Choose your free book:

1.    3-D Files: Prisoner on the Loose
2.    Adventures of the Gimmel Gang IV: Triple Trouble
3.    Adventures of the Levy Family: Zeesl’s Shining Moment
4.    Lay-Lay Middos Series #1: The Pekalah Problem (Sharing)
5.    Mendel the Mouse: Happy Birthday
6.    Ten and a Kid
7.    Two and a Tevi #1: Double Pursuit
8.    Two and a Tevi #2: Firecracker War
9.    Two Kings 2: It’s My Turn
10.    Ying-Ling Does Mitzvot
11.    Bridging the Golden Gate
12.    Denver Dreams
13.    From Bogota to Madrid to Jerusalem
14.    Hidden in the Deep
15.    Rose Among Thorns
16.    The Cliff Line
17.    The Map Seeker
18.    The Youngest Bride
19.    Transfused with Hope
20.    What Lies Within

Offer details: choose any two books (can be two copies of the same title) from our line – (check our website or call our office to request a complete listing of titles), purchase direct or from any retailer of your choice between the dates listed above, send us the original itemized store receipt(s) indicating purchase (copies not accepted), and the title that you wish to receive for free. We will mail your free copies within 4-6 weeks. No limit – for every two books purchased (may not combine with other people) you are eligible for 1 free book from the list! While supplies last. Please include $3.00 per book for shipping & handling in the continental USA. Orders will not be processed without S&H fee. Free book requests must be received in our office by July 31, 2010. Website orders please insert “comment” upon checkout, indicating your choice of free book, you will be asked to send the $3 S&H fee separately.


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