Heroes of Spirit and Super Social Skills Now Back in Print!!

If you’re one of the many who have been searching the bookstores for a copy of Heroes of Spirit or Super Social Skills, only to be told that both have been completely sold out, you’ll be glad to know that these books are now back in print and are once again available for your reading pleasure!

With its dozens of Holocaust stories of our gedolim, each bringing out the strength and spirit of a Torah leader or great person during one of the darkest eras of our nation, Heroes of Spirit makes a great read during the Three Weeks and Tishah B’Av, or at any time.


Super Social Skills has made grand waves in the children’s literature market, as it entertains young readers while teaching them valuable social skills at the same time.

Now you can see for yourself why these books became instant bestsellers! We’ve restocked the bookstore shelves with them for you—go on and check them out before it’s too late!

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