Torah for your Toddler!

King Pharaoh was not nice; he was as mean as can be.

He said, “The Jews must stay in Mitzrayim, and work very hard for me.”

And so begins C. and Z. Blaivas’ latest board book for children—The Baby in the Basket. In adorable rhymes, The Baby in the Basket tells the story of Moshe Rabbeinu in a way that even the youngest readers can appreciate and enjoy. The board book is the perfect size for tiny hands, and your little ones will love looking through the thick, brightly-illustrated pages again and again.

So take your baby or your toddler on your lap, cuddle up on the couch, and begin reading to him The Baby in the Basket. He’ll enjoy it so much… and so will you!

Also in the C. and Z. Blaivas’ board book series: Our Beautiful World, which tells the story of the Six Days of Creation, and The Very First Rainbow, which is the story of Noach and the Mabul (Flood).

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