50% Off Mission Possible

It’s the classic case: You had a flight to catch for an extremely important visit or appointment somewhere, and you were running late—and missed the flight. And the flight did not crash.

Why me?! you think to yourself. Why did this have to happen to me?

Of course, when the stakes are higher, and the challenges and ordeals that arise are of even greater proportions, the question “Why me?” can become even stronger and more painful. How are we, as believing Jews, supposed to view challenges in life? How are we to strengthen our emunah and bitachon in Hashem when faced with adversity?

In Mission Possible!, popular and beloved author Rabbi Eliezer Parkoff, a rosh yeshivah in Jerusalem, provides us with valuable insight into this critical area. Using Talmudic sources, divrei Torah, and true stories, Rabbi Parkoff gives us a glimpse into the purpose of life’s challenges, helping us understand the function of suffering in this world. The second part of the book is an English adaptation of the Malbim’s introduction to his commentary on Sefer Iyov, which, as is well-known, is the classic work on human suffering. The Malbim probes this topic in depth, providing a firm hashkafic foundation for all, on how to view challenges and affliction.

As we mourn the Churban Beis Hamikdash during this time period of the Three Weeks, Mission Possible! is the perfect book to turn to for comfort, strength, and inspiration. It will completely transform your understanding of nisyonos in this world—and will transform you, too, in the process!

ONLINE ONLY SPECIAL: Mission Possible will be available at a special discount of 50% through the three weeks.

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