The At Home Gourmet – IN STORES TODAY!!!

Just in time for your Yom Tov menu planning…

Indian Style Vegetable Samosas… Kickin’ Curry Alfredo…Garlic Herb Chicken and Potatoes… Red Velvet Cake…

Getting hungry? Well, if the titles of these recipes aren’t making your mouth water, take one look at the full-page, colored photo of each of these foods, and you are certain to start drooling!

Yup, Sarah Lasry does it again!

Just a few short years have passed since the release of her first cookbook, The Dairy Gourmet, and already Sarah Lasry’s name has become synonymous with creative kosher cooking and, simply put, GOOD FOOD. Now, in her latest book, The At-Home Gourmet, she takes her innovative approach to cooking to new heights. In this handsome new cookbook, you will find a host of over 100 original recipes— dairy, meat, and pareve—all fully illustrated and easy to follow.

On a diet? Try the Salad Pizza or Salmon Burgers. Looking for a hearty fleishig supper? How does Chicken Pot Pie Pasta or Margalit’s Moroccan Meatballs sound to you? Of course, if you are looking for something just a tad more elegant, you can always try Crusted Veal Chops or Plum Lamb with Pears in Red Wine Sauce…

There is something for everyone in The At-Home Gourmet. So c’mon, pamper your taste buds a bit… Pick up a copy of this hot cookbook and…bon appetite!!

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