IN STORES TODAY!!! Shortchanged

If you live anywhere in the civilized frum world, you’ve heard of her. Etka Gitel Schwartz—the popular columnist in Binah Magazine and Hamodia. For years, this talented author has entertained thousands of readers with her well-written articles and serialized stories.

But, as any avid Binah reader can surely tell you, Etka Gitel’s first serialized novel, Shortchanged, was something different. When it began appearing in Binah Magazine, readers really sat up and took notice. Whether it was the fascinating plot, taking place during the Great Depression in America, or the true-to-life characters, or simply the amazingly well-written style of the author, it was this feature that Binah readers turned to first each week.

And now, Shortchanged is being published in book form! Not only that, but in addition to the story, Etka GItel has added over 100 pages of bonus content—deleted scenes, previously published tie-in stories, behind-the-scenes features, historical photos, a timeline, and The Miller Memoirs: Rochelle’s Story!

Read about the Rosen family, and the difficult decisions each family member must make. Feel what it was like to be a Jewish family living in America at this time. Open this book; you will enter the characters’ lives, and won’t be quick to leave them, either!

We’re sure you’ll agree with us when we vouch that if there’s one novel you’ll want to get yourself this Sukkos, Shortchanged is that novel. 

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