In Stores Today!!! Double Check

If you are a student (or the parent of one), you know that once Sukkos is over, you’re in for the big haul—a l-o-n-g winter filled with tests, homework, and term papers, with a grand finale of midterms for dessert. Not really anyone’s idea of fun, huh?

Unless you’re like Libby Simons, of course.

Libby is the model student, the one who actually enjoys schoolwork and does excellent in her studies, too. The genius of her class at Beit Tzofia’s boarding school and the envy of all the other girls, it’s only natural that Libby should have a wonderful and smooth year there, right?

But…not quite. (You knew that would be the answer, didn’t you?) You see, Libby has an aunt like Doda Batya in her life, and she’s been living with her since she was very little. Doda Batya is…well, Doda Batya! Overprotective and eccentric, while she loves Libby dearly, she hasn’t exactly been able to provide Libby with a regular childhood. Because of this, Libby has never really had any friends, and she had been looking forward to attending boarding school and having a fresh start for this very reason.

Then Doda Batya has a nasty fall. And just at this time, Shainy Burla, the girl whom Libby admires to no end, decides to befriend Libby—if Libby will allow it…

As you may have guessed, things are not so simple. Libby has a long road ahead of her, filled with lots of ups and downs, exciting news, a disturbing mystery regarding disappearing books, and then a very frightening experience, until things become straightened out and clear for her.

Follow Libby on this road to self-discovery in this heartwarming and suspenseful book. Double Check is a book you will enjoy reading to no end, and best of all, it will give you that welcome break you are craving for during the upcoming winter months!

Click here to purchase online.

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