Okay, ladies, you can calm down. You, over there, you can stop squeezing your stress ball, and you, cowering in that corner, you can stop looking so frazzled. Yes, you’re all going to be fine. Just fine. Really. How do I know? Because IT is coming; it really is. What’s IT, you ask? Oh, only what you’ve been begging and pleading with us for these past few weeks… Yep, the solution to the chaos in your day, the lifesaver so many of you have come to depend on, is about to make its presence known throughout the many Jewish bookstores of the world… It is—drum roll, please—The Balabusta’s Daily Organizer for 2010-2011!

For 2 years already, frum women of every type and stripe have come to know and love this amazing organizer, which, though slim and handy, somehow has everything in it. It includes a weekly calendar, complete with Jewish and secular dates and all the Yamim Tovim and (l’havdil) legal holidays, menu planning lists, to-do lists, grocery lists, candle-lighting times in many Jewish communities, tips, and so much more. Little wonder that so many of you have been after us, asking when this third edition would be released!

So, get a grip on your life, do yourself a major favor, and pick up a copy of The Balabusta’s Daily Organizer. We’ll accept thank you’s at any time.

Click here to order online.

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