In Stores Now! The Castle Builders

It’s time for a new novel, folks, and this is one novel you won’t want to miss!

Anyone who has read Menucha Chana Levin’s first book, The Youngest Bride, will agree that this author has the most beautiful way with words. They just seem to flow effortlessly from paragraph to paragraph, from chapter to chapter, until you come to the end of the book, at which point you look up and say, “What? That’s it? No more left?”

In The Castle Builder’s, Menucha Chana has done it again. Four Holocaust survivors, Simone, Estie, Claire, and Miriam, come to life under the author’s talented pen, as she weaves a striking tapestry of unforgettable characters and events, realistically portraying life in the aftermath of the black years of the Holocaust. A Vietnamese little girl becomes the key player in a shocking chain of events, which ends with –of all things!—a surprising marriage proposal…

If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world piece of literature, with a suspenseful plot and very satisfying conclusion, then your search has just ended.

Click here to purchase online.

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