One week. That’s all it took to become completely sold out. And, mind you, this wasn’t an ordinary week, either—it was the week of the mammoth blizzard in the New York area that had entire cities shut down! Yet that didn’t deter people from going out to buy their copy of The Rebbe. What is it about this book that has people devouring it by the stacks?

The Satmar Rebbe was a visionary; a founder. Throughout his leadership that spanned 73 pivotal years, the Satmar Rebbe changed the course of history for world Jewry. He was the father and mentor to thousands who sought his voice of truth and benevolent blessing. Fortified with kedushah, yiras Shamayim, and ahavas Yisrael, the Rebbe forged a trail for generations to follow.

In The Rebbe, Rabbi Dovid Meisels, author of the popular Secrets series and himself a relative of the Satmar Rebbe, has produced a magnificent portrayal of this great tzaddik. Read this book, and you will feel the inspiration uplifting you. Turn the pages (all 584 of them!), and you will see how the Rebbe’s tremendous influence and presence are still resonating worldwide in so many ways. You must read it yourself to see what we mean!

After the success of the first printing, the book went for a reprint, which is set to come in this week. Don’t lose your chance again! Ignore the wintry frost, and come buy yourself a copy of The Rebbe right away, while it’s still around! Although you may be shivering from the cold, reading this book will ignite a blazing and toasty fire within you that will warm your insides, guaranteed!

Click here to order your copy online.


One Response to BACK IN PRINT – The Rebbe

  1. Michael Pell says:

    No wonder The Rebbe sold out so soon. It is a GREAT
    book. As one that received a less than optimal Jewish
    education when younger, I get a lot out of these kind of books. I have two requests. One is fro more biographies, especially of lesser known Rebbes. Second would be tranlations of atleast selections from works like Dvrei Yoel. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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