The Parsha with Rabbi Juravel VAYIKRA – In stores now!!!

Attention all parents out there whose kids are Rabbi Juravel fans! So, Sefer Bereishis is long over, and Sefer Shemos is soon coming to a close. And you know exactly what that means. Yes, we’ve heard your gasps and moans from wherever you live all the way to our office in Lakewood. What all of you want to know is: When is Rabbi Juravel coming out with a book on Sefer Vayikra?

Your kids have devoured Rabbi Juravel’s other 2 parshah books, on Sefer Bereishis and Sefer Shemos. They love his style, his exciting way of telling the stories of each parshah, his clear explanations of the mefarshim, and his interesting “Did You Know?” tidbits and sidebars. But that was all for Bereishis and Shemos; what about Sefer Vayikra?

You’ll be happy to know, then, that you have nothing to worry about: Rabbi Juravel’s parshah book on Sefer Vayikra has just been released!

And what a book it is! The popular storyteller is back with a whole host of midrashim, stories, and tidbits on Sefer Vayikra, focusing on the many mitzvos spoken about in these parshios, including the halachos of kosher animals, tzara’as, shemittah, and many others. The book also explains the various korbanos brought in the holy Mishkan, and the different lessons we can learn from them.

Your kids will love this newest jewel of Rabbi Juravel—and so will you!

Click here to purchase online.

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