Beneath the Surface – New Serial, Coming Next Week!

Shragy Ostfeld is the son every mother dreams of having. He’s a top learner, a baal middos, and has a wonderful personality—an all-around great catch. His sister Simi is convinced that he needs the most perfect, most talented girl for a wife. No Plain Jane will do for her brother!

What happens when Menuchi Feder, whose very essence denotes plainness and simplicity, ends up marrying Shragy? Is she condemned to feeling inferior to her outgoing and capable sister-in-law her entire life?

Meanwhile, Chani Ostfeld, Shragy and Simi’s mother, has a load of her own on her shoulders. Intent on saving her little brother’s soul from a horrifying destruction, she pours all her energy into her mission at hand. How can she know that salvation will come from the most unlikely source…?

It takes a lot of soul-searching, powerful internal struggles, and some unexpected and dramatic connections from the past for the Ostfelds to learn how to reshuffle family dynamics—and find their real standing amongst each other.

Check back next week for Chapter One of Beneath the Surface, a new online serial by Esther Rapaport, author of Diamond in the Rough and Divided Attention.

4 Responses to Beneath the Surface – New Serial, Coming Next Week!

  1. Naomi says:

    Looking forward! I was so upset when the last one ended.

  2. CTS says:


  3. Rivky says:

    I am glad you are posting a new serial. I really enjoyed the last one and was disappointed when it ended.

    When in the book coming out?

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