New Release! Mirror Image

Refreshingly different. Those are the words that went through my mind after I finished reading Mirror Image.  With so many novels nowadays being about so many of the same topics, this novel has a unique, “refreshingly different” plot. For example, take the fact that Yonason Farber, the main character, who has been an ordinary yeshivah bachur for nearly his whole life, has a father who happens to be… a non-Jewish truck driver. Sounds intriguing from the start, doesn’t it? (Don’t worry—I won’t tell you any more; I wouldn’t want to ruin the book for you!)

Besides having a plot that’s so different than your typical Jewish novel, Mirror Image is, in plain English, a great book! It is well-written, and its characters are deep and three-dimensional. You will find yourself relating—in some way—to them and their struggles. The book also contains lots of good lessons. While an entertaining read, it is thought-provoking, too, leaving the reader off with some food for thought at its satisfying conclusion.

So for all of our dear overworked readers just chaloshing for a good way to unwind once Pesach begins (we’d never suggest that you so much as touch this book before then!), search no more! This book is all that you need.

Have a Chag Kasher V’sameach, and happy reading!

Click here to purchase online.

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