Just Released – Go Bananas!

Teens. You gotta love them. Sometimes you think they’re their own brand of creatures with their own lingo (“Whatever.”), their own set of etiquette rules (“You can’t wear the same outfit more than twice in one month.” “Why not?” “Because…because then you’ll be the biggest neb!” “Neb? What’s that?” “Whatever.”), and their own opinions, especially when it comes to what’s “in” and what’s “out.” But contrary to public opinion, teens are not “out to get you”; they’re simply at a stage where they’re trying to find themselves and you, as their parents, may just happen to “be in their way” at the moment, which is why you feel that you are getting the brunt of their teenage-itis symptoms.

In any case, for all those who are wondering when Israel Bookshop blog-writers became parenting experts, the point of all of this is simply to point out that being that teens are their own breed of people in so many ways, they deserve their own breed of literature. And that is where Bracha Goykadosh and her latest book, Go Bananas and other stories, come in.

As her many fans will readily attest, Bracha Goykadosh is the writer when it comes to teens. She has a unique way of writing that talks straight to a teenager’s heart. Is it the way she delves so skillfully into the minds of teenagers, exploring their thoughts and emotions in such an honest, realistic way? Is it perhaps the themes she chooses to write about—subjects that are close to the heart of every junior-high- and high-school-aged kid? Whatever it is, there is a good reason why Bracha Goykadosh is such a popular writer for teens in so many magazines and publications.

Go Bananas and other stories is a collection of more than twenty-five of Bracha Goykadosh’s best stories. You will relate to the characters in this book—kids and teens of all ages and stages—as well as to their personal struggles and challenges. You will share their hopes and fears, and cheer for them when they triumph.

Go Bananas and other stories is an excellent way to show your appreciation to those special teens in your life. If you are looking for a gift that they will go bananas over, this is the book you want to buy.

Click here to purchase online.

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