JUST RELEASED – Super Social Skills VOL 2!

Ask any parents what their most embarrassing moments were, and chances are, they’ll tell you about incidents involving their kids. The time that their child tried to “show off” in front of an important guest that they had… When their child called a friend but didn’t know quite what to say once the friend’s mother answered the phone…

It’s a known fact that many kids need help learning social skills. In fact, it’s quite normal. Kids are not born knowing the appropriate ways to behave around others, and oftentimes they have a hard time picking up the social cues as they grow older, too. As with any skill that we don’t expect our kids to automatically just “know,” social skills very often need to be taught to children. And what better way to do that than with Mrs. Simi Licht’s newest Super Social Skills book?

As with her first book, Mrs. Licht comes armed with four new, adorable, real-life characters, all of whom need help with specific social skills. By reading their stories to your kids, you can actively walk your kids through the process of learning appropriate social skills.

Whether your child needs to learn how to organize himself, or the proper way to express his feelings and opinions, Super Social Skills Vol. 2 has the ability to teach him these skills, and in such a fun way, too! So, go ahead and buy your child—and yourself—a gift you’ll both love: Super Social Skills Vol. 2.

Click here to order online.

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