New Release! The Reporter

Another baal teshuvah story?

If that’s what you thought when you read the back cover of The Reporter, you’re both right and wrong. True, Koby Levy’s life story—which comprises Part 1 of the book—is the story of how he discovered Yiddeshkeit and what he did with that discovery. But you’re wrong on two account, because, number one, Levy’s “baal teshuvah” story is anything but “another baal  teshuvah story”—it is as atypical as it can get; and number two, what about the rest of the book??

Attention all readers out there: this book is chock full with the most amazing stories you’ve ever heard! Take, for example, the story of the Israeli soldier who, as a victim of a terrorist attack, has to live with a piece of shrapnel in his head—until something (we’re not telling what; that’s why you have to read the book!) forces it out… Or the strangest story ever about how a tzaddik of a person treated an emotionally unwell man…

I guess we should stop there, before we ruin the book for you… But take our word for it—this is one book that will provide you with hours of pleasure reading, and you’ll find yourself relating the stories to other people, too—until they decide to buy the book for themselves, as well…!

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One Response to New Release! The Reporter

  1. PAMELA MOND says:

    does he have any more books, this was a great read

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