NEW! A Patchwork Life

All of you overworked ladies out there, get ready for a great, well-deserved treat! We have a book for you that is just begging to be savored over a cup of hot coffee and a slice of fresh cake, with your feet up…and we have a feeling that you will be more than happy to give in to that plea!

Author Libby Lazewnik needs no introduction; as any reader can tell you, her name is synonymous with fantastic books of the highest caliber of writing. Now we present to you her latest offering: A Patchwork Life, a collection of fictional short stories. Having all been previously published in Binah magazine, these stories were devoured and gushed about by countless women just like you—so we already know that you are going to love this book!

Are you a mother feeling the twinge of Empty Nest Syndrome? An excited kallah with a thorn in your side called your prospective sister-in-law? A kindhearted neighbor to someone whom you feel needs your help? No matter what your age or stage may be, the characters and plots in A Patchwork Life will resonate with you on some level, providing you with hours of unadulterated pleasure, entertainment, and relaxation…

Ahh! Enjoy!

Click here to purchase online.

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