The Meshulach – In Stores Now!

Mention the name “Meir Uri Gottesman” to any avid reader, and chances are you’ll immediately see a gleam come to the person’s eyes. Gottesman? His books are in a class of their own, devoured by thousands of fans across the globe; Jewish literary classics in every sense of the term.

What is this author’s secret? What is so electrifying about his books, to the point where throngs of eager readers converge upon them the moment they are released? Well, dear reader, you need only to join those throngs in the bookstores, snapping up copy after copy of The Meshulach, Gottesman’s newest book, to find the answer to that yourself…

In the Meshulach, a powerful collection of three not-to-be-forgotten novellas, Gottesman leads us into a mystical world, where everything and anything is possible… A billionaire philanthropist forced to disguise himself as a penniless panhandler and begin a journey into his own self… An old jalopy of a car that becomes suddenly blessed with bizarre powers… A thin, brittle, and homely pine tree in the heart of one of the most exclusive streets in Toronto, whose owner, Chaim Heller, refuses to heed his neighbor’s demands that he chop it down…

We won’t spoil any endings for you, but suffice it to say that while reading The Meshulach, with author Meir Uri Gottesman in the driver’s seat, you are headed to destinations  more wondrous and far-out than you’d have ever imagined…

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One Response to The Meshulach – In Stores Now!

  1. AE says:

    Long journey leading to a great ending.

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