Just Released! The Best of Mexican Kosher Cooking

Okay, all of you creative cooks out there! Bored of chicken and potatoes and spaghetti and meatballs for supper? Itching for some kind of change…something new and trendy…something with some kick, to really spice up your meals? Well, tie your apron strings tight and whip those pots out of the cabinet, because here is a cookbook that is as different from the rest as egg kichel is from crème brulee! This is the cookbook of our times—The Best of Mexican Kosher Cooking.

So, you’re thinking to yourself, what exactly is in this Mexican kosher cookbook? Only practically any and every Mexican food you can think of, in its kosher version, of course, tweaked to perfection by veteran cookbook authors Shifrah Devorah Witt and Zipporah Malka Heller. From Nacho Cheese Dip and Homemade Taco and Tostada Shells to Chicken Chimichangas, Steak and Chicken Fajitas, and Mexican Rice, from REALLY hot and spicy dishes to those on the more mellow side, you’ll find them all in this beautiful, hard-cover cookbook with full-color photos for each recipe.

Oh, and don’t forget dessert! With delicacies such as Flan, Mexican Wedding Cookies, Sangria, and Margaritas on the menu, not to mention the heavenly Mexican Iced Coffee, you will soon begin to wonder why you ever thought that all Mexico had to boast of was a sunny climate and sombreros!

Click here for a couple of sample recipes.

Click here to order online.

2 Responses to Just Released! The Best of Mexican Kosher Cooking

  1. AE says:

    the nacho dip and guacamole recipe was delicious, thanks.

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