Just Released! The Secrets of the Stars

Were you one of those kids who begged your parents for a telescope for your birthday present? Were you the student who was simply fascinated by the unit in science on planets and constellations? If yes, you’ve probably already bought this book—though it’s just been released a few days ago—but even if not, this is a book that will spellbind you to no end, and soon you, too, will be craving for it to grace your bookshelf.

The influence that mazalos have on Klal Yisrael’s destiny… The significance of the shevatim’s correlation to the zodiac…the monumental events in the Jewish timeline that are depicted through the constellation, and the lessons that can be learned from them… There is an entire cosmos concealed above ours – encompassing our past, present, and future—and you will find out all about it in The Secrets of the Stars.

View the celestial phenomena through the eyes of Chazal! With The Secrets of the Stars, your mind will become boggled in fascination with a subject many don’t ever think twice about!

Click here to purchase online.

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