Recently Released – Brain Power

How’s your memory these days? (What? You don’t remember?) Have you been retaining your learning, or do you easily forget what you’ve learned? If you are tired of experiencing memory slip-ups and embarrassing “senior moments,” especially when it comes to Torah that you have learned, you may find Brain Power to be of invaluable assistance to yourself.

What is Brain Power? Written by Rabbi Aharon Pessin, Brain Power is a unique sefer that focuses exclusively on the subject of memory and forgetfulness. In addition to being a comprehensive compilation from the Talmud and our Sages on this subject, bringing down the various opinions and sayings of Chazal on it, the sefer also includes many segulos and practical advice on how to improve one’s memory.

Eating olives. Eating olive oil. Sleeping with clothing under one’s head. Leaving open the pages of a sefer when leaving the room. All the well-known and little-known do’s and don’ts to prevent forgetfulness and aid one’s memory can be found in this handy, slim treasure.

Give your memory this gift. Brain Power—Torah’s Timeless Secrets to a Stronger MemoryIt’s a book that will fascinate you as it helps you in many practical ways.

And don’t forget that!

Click here to purchase online.

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