Recent Release – Split Loyalties

One of the fringe benefits of being in the publishing industry is never having a shortage of reading material. There are always manuscript submissions sitting on our desks, waiting to be read and evaluated. Of course, that’s not to say that all manuscripts were created equal—just like our readers, we have our tastes and our preferences, and some manuscripts are just so pulling that we have no choice but to gravitate toward them immediately!

Like Split Loyalties. When the manuscript landed on my desk, it got whisked up by eager hands so fast, it barely had a chance to rest its tired back! “Historical fiction? I’m taking that one!” “A novel that takes place in the Egypt and Europe of the Middle Ages? Ooh, that should be good!”

Whatever its redeeming qualities were, the manuscript got devoured almost instantly by a whole bunch of us, and no one was disappointed. We all agreed that Split Loyalties is a gem of a good book: satisfying, entertaining, and informative.

Set against the backdrop of the Middle Ages and the menacing Crusade boot, some 800 years ago, an era of darkness unfolds… As the noxious Karaite movement gains momentum, the tectonic plates of history shift, creating irreversible schisms between neighbors, friends, and families… Plunged into the epicenter of conflict and tragedy, four young adults are forced to confront heart-wrenching decisions like never before…

Sounds tempting? We won’t ruin it for you! Join the crowds of satisfied fans of Split Loyalties and read this amazing historical novel yourself. You’ll be happy you did!

Click here to purchase online.

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