Shimshon’s Struggle-Expanded and Revised, back in print after many years.


His very name conjures puzzling images and questions in the mind.

Who was this righteous man, this nazir and Shofet, who led the Jews for so many years? What was the source of his supernatural strength, the incredible might that enabled him to tear apart a lion and crush together the pillars of a building? How do we understand his marriage to Delilah, his Philistine wife? What lessons can we glean from his life and demise?

Shimshon’s Struggle, written by Harav Gershon Weiss shlit”a, was written with the goal of trying to clarify these difficult questions, as well as provide us with many important lessons along the way. Drawing upon numerous mefarshim, the book provides readers with the means to emerge from this enigmatic story in Sefer Shoftim with a most lucid understanding of the events…and the remarkable messages, applicable to each and every one of us, that can be gleaned from this great tzaddik’s life.

Whether you are a rebbi or morah attempting to teach Sefer Shoftim to your students, or you are a student learning this sefer, you will appreciate the clear and comprehensive approach Shimshon’s Struggle offers.

Click here to purchase online.

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